Sex On Sale: How Nigerian Babes Run Dubai’s Prostitution Trade!

In Nigeria, most people only get to hear of Dubai’s tax free markets, shopping zones and other business opportunities. Street Journal has however found out that apart from being a famous tourist destination, Dubai also boasts of well coordinated prostitution rings.

Street Journal’s investigations revealed that most hotels now offer “imported girls” as side attractions for their customers. It was found out that to satisfy customers, some hotels go as far as bringing in girls from Africa, Asia, Russia and some other parts of Eastern Europe.

A peep into the organisation and internal workings of the prostitution rings revealed that prostitution cartels bring in girls, most times under the guise of giving them jobs. The girls are offered free accommodation for about three months and in those three months, the girls are made to provide sexual service to hotel guests. Some of the girls who would ordinarily not have cooperated have no choice because those who brought them in would have taken their passports at the point of entry. The hotels too serve as accomplices as they make brisk business via the tactical operation of brothels.

In Dubai, every hotel worth its name has a club and in those clubs, girls get free entry while men have to pay a fee. In clubs that are termed hot, there is always a long queue of men waiting to go in. Funny enough, most of the men waiting to enter the club did not come to enjoy the music or the champagne, wine, whisky or cognac on sale in the bar, rather, they came to pick babes from foreign lands.

Street Journal’s survey revealed that while on the average, a round of sex offered by African babes costs between 200 and 300 Emirati Dirham, Europeans are known to collect as high as 2000 Dirhams for all night service.

Street Journal gathered that the Europeans charge that much because their services are not for the hoi polloi. They can mostly be found in the cosy executive sections of bars. The prices also depend on the customer’s bargaining power.

Though a large of number of commercial sex workers operating in Dubai are from Eritrea, Nigerians seem to have taken control of the trade. While conversing with them or overhearing their conversations, their Nigerian accents are unmistakable. Nigerians who chat with them can easily tell where they come from in the country. The Nigerian babes don’t call what they do prostituting, the code name given to it is “hustling”. A good number of the Nigerian babes hustling in Dubai claimed to be graduates.

They are mostly seen in clusters at night after shops have closed and they are always well positioned so that their faces are not visible, only their voices can be heard.

Incidentally, not all the Nigerian “hustlers” are there for the sole purpose of prostituting, a number of them work in assisting the Arab shop owners in their trading. They are often seen canvassing or bringing customers to their shops. They are the ones normally seen calling customers to come and buy wares from their shops and a first timer or new comer will mistake them for the owner of the shop. They will go as far as telling customers facts about the goods up for sale but on getting to the shops one would find out that the shops belong to Arab businessmen and the Nigerian ladies only get cuts when they bring in customers. But after the close of work, the hustlers among them normally go to work as commercial sex workers.

The authorities do not also seem to be bothered about the booming sex trade, as long as the practitioners have valid visas. Investigations revealed that most of the commercial sex workers have just one month tourist visas and when the visa is almost due, they simply go to Oman to renew the visa. It was also found out from some of those in the trade that commercial sex workers hardly get arrested in Dubai . The police are even hardly seen on the streets and they move around in patrol vans when they come out. Meanwhile, where the sex workers hang out are dark street corners where it takes only customers to spot them. Prostitutes only get arrested by tip off or if their dressing violates the rules of decency, which is unnecessary exposure. The proceeds of the illicit trade is what a lot of them use to buy goods for sale in Nigeria. Street Journal found out that some do not even have enough cash to buy goods hence the need to “hustle” in order to be able to send something home. At times, these hustlers are seen with those packing goods for onward shipment to Nigeria.

Street Journal found out that most of the hustlers are patronised by rich Arab men who throng clubs within the hotels from around 9 pm. Like almost all other hotels, in Royalton Hotel, what happens in the bar stays there as the use of cameras, even those on mobile phones is strictly disallowed.


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Kosalabaro: Have you been
monitor­ing the cam­paign of Calumny against Mr President by opposition party?.

Okebadan: What else is there to monitor? The 100days campaign have taken over every­where, everything.

Kosalabaro : I’m worried about us read­ing extra meanings into what is happening to Mr President performance in his first 100 days in office. How can we call ourselves civilized while our President are victims of verbal abuse? . Men can only receive what he sees himself receiving.

Okebadan: You have a point there. But to be candid with you , How do you think each episode will sound like if all we hear are statistics, ratios, percentages , no veiled insults? To me Mr President has done well, at least he is making many people sick in his first hundred days in office. The rich and powerful people are now celebrating their ailments in the market . We are now aware that the former Petroleum Minister Allison Diezani Madueke is a cancer patient, former deputy GMD NNPC is suffering from chronic Hypertension. Former SA to President Jonathan , Mr Kingsley Kuku is suffering from hernia, Former PDP Chairman and the best game changer, Alhaji Muazu is in London Hospital. Beside that, the pipeline vandals and crude oil rats now have change of mind since they have access to the Federal purse.
They stay away from vandalizing the gas pipeline that supply gas to our electricity plant . We are having at least 6hrs light in our area. Within this 100days , all aristos are trying to forming busy for the best reason known to them and the run girls have to eat humble pile by calling their customers repeatedly. So tell me which part of opposition party drama is getting you all worked up now ?.

Kosalabaro: Calm down, I'm not worked up for now but I just want to find out why opposition party get obsessed with pimples when they have guinea worm crawling out of their sores? Is either they are sick people, very sick people who want to end up as amputees and with deformities. We must first find out where those people live and then whether it is a physical or spiritual condition.

Okebadan: That’s the sympton of post election defeat trauma, You have all the time in the world to pay attention to everything , including what the house girl madam memunatu wore the day before and what is going on between her and Michael the gate man . But We don't need to waste our time on them, All what we need to do is to send DSS operatives to their house and do Sambo Dasuki's style to them. They will be singing like fish wives when everybody had gone to work.

Kosalabaro: I dey laugh ooo. See you on Sunday Okebadan.
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Kosalabaro: I am worried, very worried for Buhari and Oshibajo.

Okebadan: it's normal for an headless drunkards to be having headache because of increase in the price of the head cap in the market.

Kosalabaro: Meaning?. Some people
don't know when to close the tap of their highly infected mouth . Is it because of what I just said , you now take me to the cleaner?.

Okebadan : Ok, sorry, explain yourself because I don’t understand why some small Nigerian like you has to worry for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Kosalabaro: I'm worried about the new appointment made by Mr President. Majority of it are from one section of the country.
To me this is sickening. The level of stupidity of some of our educated guys from the south is quite alarming. They are the ones justifying this anomaly called competency of the North over the south in the selection of people to public offices. May God deliver them from their stupidity...Amen

Okebadan: Calm down brother, Nigerians are people who fall out of love easily . Is this not the same you screaming blue murder and ‘Change everywhere’ when I muted war against the idea of tribal leaders? I thought you said the President would have changed by May 29? See, there is no way Northerners will remain in love with Buhari if they can’t find their way back to their rightful position of majority in Civil service and I have a strong feeling that both the young and the elites in the North will still be dragging this who-gets --what till May 29 2019 and that means employments and Federal government jobs will remain a scarce commodity to you guys in the South. So if you like you can pull your angry nails from Buhari's neck and sink them into Bola Tinubu's back. It is the spirit of ‘change’. Things have changed.

Kosalabaro: Are you trying to tell me that it's the boil inside my nose and I must learn how to live with it. So what concern this appointment with Federal civil service or you are trying to use alabukun as love charm.

Okebadan: Here we go again. Knowledge, information and exposure is very important. When you left University in the South , your next line of thinking is to go to Europe and America. You don't know that what you are looking for in "sokoto is inside your sokoto. ". There is enough job in Nigeria that can go round among his citizens. In a country where tribalism is one of the major problem confronting us. The head of Parastatals will employ their own people first before considering the people from other region. Any ministry you have a southerners , Easterners or Notherners as the head, check the number of people working under him. I learnt of an MD , a Pastor in FERMA who employs nearly all his church members . There are some parastatals that majority of the people working there are from particular section of the country. Example, Majority of the people in EFCC are from the North especially Adamawa where their First Chairman come from. . To prevent this malady, that's why the government introduce Federal character to accommodate minority groups. And to be honest with you?. How many Northerners did you see in Europe or America struglling like you. When there is ready made available job in Nigeria, you don't need to go to Europe and wash plate now.

Kosalabaro: Hummmm: I'm just scratching my head like a man with itching bottom. But firstly, we Sotherners are like children such that when we are encouraged in this line, we most times overdo and become unmanageable. You are just open my eyes and I promise to think twice in 2019. When you see a Volksvergin beetle car, you will see that it has a bulging light, you will wonder why this until when you open its back and see fire in it. You are an encyclophidia of knowledge.

Okebadan: Stay calm my brother, to learn from other people experience is not admission to failure rather it's addition of knowledge. We are here to educate each other. No one has monopoly of knowledge. I know very sure Buhari will not steal one kobo from your money, he will try to prevent stealing but he loves his religion and tribe more than any other things. He can never be fair in this two area and he is human, no one is perfect all what we need to do is to learn how to live with it.
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