Brevik, Norwegian Mass Killer Gets 21 Years!

A Norwegian Court on Friday ruled that Anders Brevik, standing trial for mass murder was sane when he murdered 77 people. The court therefore sentenced him to 21 years imprisonment. 33-year-old Anders Behring Brevik faced charges of bombing the Government Building in Oslo on July 22, 2011, killing 8 people. He also stormed the island of Utaya where he killed 69 people, mostly teenagers who were on a camp of the Workers Youth League of the Labour Party. 

The court had appointed two psychiatrists to examine Brevik before his trial and the reports of the examination revealed that Breivik was neither psychotic during the shooting incidents or during his examination, rather, he is an extreme narcissist.

In the course of his trial which started in April 2012, Breivik was found to have played a game “World of Warcraft” for more than a year before he went on the shooting spree. He showed no regret for his actions. One of the infamous statements he made in the course of the trial was “ÿes, I would have done it again. They were not innocent, non-political children, but these were people who actively worked to uphold multi-cultural values. They Youth Wing is in many ways similar to the Hitler Youth. Its an indoctrination camp at Utaya”.

Street Journal’s investigations revealed that the maximum sentence in Norway is 21 years, though the sentence could be extended with five years as long as he remains a danger to the society.

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Okebadan: Deziani dey London.
Kosalabaro: Money nko?.
Okebadan: Which money, Naira or Euro or Cefa!.
Kosalabaro: the money dey talk say she stole.!
Okebadan: Who said dem still money
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Okebadan: Obassnjo Style: You will dey prison untill you transfer all the Money wey dey your bank account back to Nigeria. If you know transfer the money back , na prison you go die.
Kosalabaro: Hummm: Human right nko?.
Okebadan: You have no right when you denied other people their right. Good road, stable Electricity supply , good medical care and security are the right of common man. When you decide to deprived them all this thing , it's not bad if government deprive you your own right.

Kosalabaro: But the woman is sick now.

Okebadan: What's the name of sickness wey occur after you don bellefull?.

Kosalabaro: Wackie and die

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Kosalabaro: I go call my doctor.

Okebadan: I beg make you no worry Dr Show in Yemetu Amunkoko Joor. The medicine na Long time Prision followed by Summary Execution!. Next time nobody go try it joor!.
My friend me I dey go home make go cuddle my Abebi, idi Ileke, Jare.
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