Lagos Judge In Assault Mess As Mum Accuses Him Of Battery!

Justice Adeniyi Adebajo of the Lagos High Court is in the midst of a brewing controversy as his 87-year-old mother has accused him of assault and threat to life. In a petition to the police and the National Judicial Council, the judge’s mother, Irene Adebajo begged to be saved from her son whom she accused of attempted murder and theft.

In the petition, Mrs Adebajo alleged that at about 8.10 am on Sunday, December 18, 2011 “my first son, Justice Niyi Adebajo burst into my house and started to threaten me. He is always armed with a pistol so I was afraid. ” The petitioner disclosed that she was threatened by her son in the presence of her nurse. She claimed that the judge tactically prevented the intervention of neighbours by locking the door.

Justice Adebajo’s mother also claimed that at a point, she was forced out of her residence by her son while she also gave another instance in which she alleged that Toyin, the judge’s wife beat her with a cane for sleeping on a settee exclusively reserved for guests.

A part of Mrs Adebajo’s petition also bordered on her son’s character. She alleged that her son and his wife capitalized on her absence from home to steal her property, inclusive of her “files and documents, cheque books, last will and testament”.

She also alleged that her other sons are also interested in her properties; she said one of them told her to die soon so that he can take over her property.

She has therefore pleaded that her sons should be restrained from coming near her. She also begged the Lagos State Commissioner of Police to help her recover her properties which have allegedly been “stolen” by the judge, including her box of trinkets and documents of her lands in different parts of Lagos.

Another petition was also sent to the NJC about the judge by a Non-Governmental Organization, Against Injustice. The NGO alleged that Justice Adebajo used his position and influence to muddle up a case involving him and a commercial bus driver, Mr Quadri who was arraigned for attempting to murder the judge in March. He was denied bail and has been in detention since then.

The NGO pointed out that contrary to the picture of attempted murder painted by the judge, there was a near accident. According to the NGO, “Kasali Quadri was driving his vehicle around Moloney Way when Justice Adebajo came out of his car and stood in the way of the bus Quadri was driving. The driver thought the man was a lunatic or an armed robber and as he tried to maneuver his vehicle to move with his passengers, the judge threw himself at the vehicle.” The organization therefore claimed that the allegation of attempted murder is false; it also described as false, the judge’s claim that he underwent treatment in London for three months.

The Lagos State Police PRO, Ngozi Braide confirmed that the petition was received by the police but pointed out that the complainant might still need to write a fresh statement.


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