Uproar in Accra as Jesus Visits Ghana!

Wonders they say shall never end. According to the Holy Scripture, that in the end time fake prophets shall arise…
An occurrence recently in Accra, the capital city of Ghana reaffirmed what the bible predicted when a man who called himself Jesus Christ visited the African city and created uproar.
The ‘Jesus Christ’ who struck a resemblance with the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth judging from pictures from holy books and church paintings appeared on the streets, dressed in robe and gladiator sandals and was with the company of a group of other expatriates.
The strange occurrence held the city in frenzy with the news quickly spreading and residents of the capital city gathering to greet, touch and take photographs with him.
A source later revealed that the ‘Jesus Christ’ is an actor that came to Ghana on location to shoot a movie on the birth of Jesus Christ. The man, a Spanish whose real name was given as Gonzalez Gomez is a look-alike of the biblical Jesus Christ and has always been the choice of movie producers and directors whenever they are shooting a movie that depicts the life and times of Jesus Christ.
The shy actor who claimed to have gotten used to the attraction his appearance gets him, said he has found himself in many embarrassing circumstances but he only saw his physical resemblance with Jesus Christ as a mere work of nature.
Gonzalez claimed he first acted the role of Jesus Christ at a theatre in France when he was 18 years old and that his picture had been used severally for calendars and almanacs.
The actor who will be working in Accra for 2 weeks is taking a lead role in a movie titled CHRIST.

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