Boko Haram Promises More Attacks, Says “We Are in Abuja”

The Boko Haram terrorist organization has released a new video in which its leader, Abubakar Shekau described the Nyanya bombing that killed more than a hundred people last Monday as a “tiny incident”.
While promising more attacks, Shekau dared Nigeria’s security forces to come after him in Abuja where he claimed to be speaking from.
Shekau described the attack as the beginning of more attacks on the nation. He added that the attack was a general reprisal for the killing of Muslims across the country and the world over.
The Boko Haram leader wore a military overall with an assault rifle hung across his chest, read from a few pages of white spiral-bounded papers held with his left hand.
“Let the world know that we were responsible for the bombing within Abuja in an area called Nyanya. (President) Jonathan you are a lame duck. Jonathan, you are now too small for us; we can only deal with your grand masters like Obama the President of America…even they cannot do anything to us… we are more than them,” Shekau boasted.
“Yes we did it; we carried out the attack because you kill Muslims in Plateau; you kill Muslims in every country of the world. Why don’t you global tyrants talk when Muslims are killed in Afghanistan? Why don’t you talk when Muslims were killed in Iraq? And they are still being killed. Why don’t you talk when Muslims are killed in the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, and now Yemen, Mali, Azerbaijan, Shishan, Pakistan?,” he asked.
“Why were you not complaining when our Muslim brethren were killed in Plateau, their wives were forcefully taken and raped, and if they give birth, their children were being killed? So because of that tiny incident that happened in Abuja, everybody is out there making an issue out of it across the globe.
“We want you, Jonathan, to know that we are worshipping only God that is why we are always victorious in all our attacks; stupid fellow like you; if you are that wise, why is it still very difficult for you to locate where we are up till date despite the fact that we are within Nigeria. Look at us we are right within your city; and you don’t even know how to find us. Let me tell you now; I am here very close to you; I dare you to get me, if you can.
“You cannot do anything. Remember that this is the exactly the fifth year that you boasted that you were going to finish with us in just three months; so we are not bothered with any further boasting that you will make now because what you cannot accomplish in five years, is very difficult to achieve now, never!
“We will not stop until our aim is achieved; so everyone that calls himself a muslim should stop obeying the constitution, should leave democracy, should stay away from western education.
“We are the bombers of Nyanya; yes we are the bombers; if you really want to know who did it, let me tell you now; it was Shekau that did it”.

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