National Conference: Delegate Seeks Death Penalty for Tax Evasion

A delegate at the ongoing National Conference, Dan Nwanyanwu has advocated for the death penalty for tax evaders in Nigeria. While speaking at the conference on Tuesday, Nwanyanwu of the Labour Party pointed out that most of the problems facing Nigeria are self-inflicted. He noted that the problems occur mainly because of Nigerians’ persistent recourse to religion and ethnicity.  In his opinion, there is no love among Nigerians, yet they pretend to one another as if everything is all right.

Nwanyanwu went on to say “between 1983 and 1985 a Nigerian was adjudged to be the best surgeon and another Nigerian once solved a problem for NASA. Such Nigerians will not come back to the country because they risk either being kidnapped or killed”.

He said Nigerians have chased away the best brains in the country and the National Conference must put a stop to that. He also decried the situation where Nigeria relies on foreign anti-corruption agencies to solve economic crimes “it is only in Nigeria that someone will sell N2bn property without paying a dime to government. In China tax evasion attracts death penalty. We should implement that in this country,” Nwanyanwu said.

In his contribution, Frank Nweke, a former Minister said Nigeria cannot develop by accident. He cited examples that the countries being looked up to by Nigeria were built by visionaries who were disciplined and continued to make progress on the same premise. While saying that “the world is not waiting for Nigeria”, Nweke said great leaders know about the law of Karma, and that for every action, there is a reaction.

While contributing, Chief Jim Nwobodo said religious difference is not an issue in Nigeria. He described it as a creation of those who want to rule. While advocating for religious tolerance among Nigerians, Nwobodo pointed out that the late Abubakar Rimi was his best man during his wedding.

Nwobodo also expressed hope for a better Nigeria as he said he sees the hope of tomorrow in the youth of today. He advocated for employment opportunities for the youth and also urged delegates to replicate what the youths have done for the country, citing the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games as an example.

Jonathan Obaje, a Nigerian living in Singapore and representative of Nigerians in Asia at the conference made it clear that Nigeria does not have a choice but to develop. He said in spite of not having a single mineral resource, Singapore is highly developed. Obaje continued that though even drinking water is imported in Singapore, the country has managed to surmount all odds and has become a developed country.

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