Test of Nigeria’s Intelligence: If Truly, Nigerian’s Are Intelligent

By: Tunji Idowu | tunji.faith@gmail.com

Nigeria is right in the middle of it all. Being the largest economy in Africa and with the biggest Foreign Direct Investment in Africa is a good place to be, not only that such position gives Nigeria an automatic ticket to host the World Economic Forum Africa but it also brings the world business leaders to Nigeria. This event gives influential global economic leaders the opportunity to seriously engage, invest and create employment. The news is always good when the likes of Bloomberg and CNBC put spotlight on a country. But the discernible minds understand that the danger is grave when you have US military personnel and law enforcement squad on intelligence, surveillance and rescue mission in a country as rich and vulnerable as Nigeria. It is more worrying to combine it with presence of CNN, BBC and SKY news whose prominent reporters have been dispatched to the country at the same time. You seriously have to wake up when other super power countries like China, France and United Kingdom are offering assistance because those offers do not come without a price tag, and I suspect that Nigeria is about to lose it all.

The seemingly uncontainable operations of the terrorist sect (Boko Haram) in the north-eastern Nigeria with their vicious attacks (bomb blasts and abductions of children) have opened up Nigeria to grave danger and I think we have completely taken our eyes off the ball –  I sense Nigeria will never be the same again by the time this is over. When people around the world are protesting and demanding for the return of the abducted girls, I have been reflecting on how we got ourselves into this predicament. I began to ask myself some serious questions. Could it really be true that President Jonathan is using Boko Haram as an instrument to deliberately commit genocide, kidnap school girls, burn churches and kill pastors in the north- for political gain, as alleged by the Executive governor of Adamawa State, Murtala H. Nyako, in his nine page letter addressed to the Northern Government Forum on the 16th of April, titled “On On-Going Full-Fledged Genocide in ‘Northern Nigeria?

Could it be factual that General Buhari masterminded Boko Haram to destabilize Nigeria because he lost 2011 election to President Jonathan? Or can we confidently say that some miscreants from the North can be that organized and sophisticated as to plunge Nigeria into this deep mess on their own without some kind of external support? I don’t believe that President Jonathan has anything to do with Boko Haram operation, although I observe he has handled the insurgency with complacency. Perhaps, he thought he could use the insurgency to his advantage but I guess he never envisaged the scale of what we are witnessing at the moment. Moreover, why will he create a situation that will surely make people resent and lose total confidence in him? That is certainly not a favourable position considering that the general elections are only few moths away.

Also, I do not buy the theory that General Buhari created Boko Haram to destabilize Nigeria and the reason I reject that notion is that I doubt if it is in the interest of General Buhari to unleash terror of this gigantic proportion on his own people simply because he wants to get even with the president. Such destabilization strategy can only work if the terror takes place in the south, in my view. So, can uneducated people like Shekau that we have all seen on YouTube orchestrate the organized and sustained terror we are witnessing in Nigeria presently? It is true that the strategy they use is similar to the Al-Qaida mode of operation. Surely they must be getting some kind of support and it is important we identify the source of this external influence; otherwise, Nigeria is at the verge of a bitter disintegration. If this happens, Nigerians will lose gallantly in the end.

Some people would have come across a document http://newsrescue.com/boko-haram-a-cia-covert-operation-americas-destabilization-plots-against-nigeria-greenwhite-coalition-2/#axzz31Vilg9Eb) purporting that United state of America is complicit in Boko Haram operations in Nigeria. The document detailed America’s fear of Nigeria’s growing military might and influence in Africa, as far back as 1997 when Nigeria led ECOMOG to restore peace and democracy in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The document suggests that Nigeria is perceived as a threat to America’s influence and interest in Africa and a decision was made during George Bush era to embark on strategy of curtailing Nigeria’s power in Africa. According to the report, the plan is to strategically render ECOMOG irrelevant by persuading other contributing countries to gradually withdraw- to pave way for America’s design AFRICOM http://www.africom.mil/ and at then orchestrate large scale internal destabilization strategy in Nigeria to the point of having to intervene in the country with a view to help- but, with a hidden agenda to take over the security operation and secure America’s strategic economic interest. In a nutshell, the document is indicting the US as the mastermind of Boko haram as a means to achieve its 1997 plan.

What I read in the document was very troubling. I guess Pastor Tunde Bakare was referring to the same document in his last Sunday 11/05/2011 sermon. If what I read is true, then Nigeria is in a difficult situation because US is already on ground in Nigeria with military personnel, enforcement agent team and US surveillance plane is flying in Nigeria’s space, gathering serious intelligence.

Now, let’s assume it is true that America is somewhat behind Boko Haram, it means that America will be negotiating with Boko Haram on behalf of Nigeria and it will use the ongoing negotiation to strengthen and consolidate its position in Nigeria- causing more political and economic disruption. Very soon, America will deem it necessary to start using drones to bomb the so called Boko Haram hide outs, get more boots on ground to finally secure its economic interest and finally begin to dictate the political and economic direction in Nigeria. The leaders across board in Nigeria will not be able to confront them because they know that America will freeze all their assets wherever they may hide them. Therefore, they will be bullied to support whatever America wants to do.

If it is true, the only way to checkmate America’s plan is through the ongoing National conference. We have to quickly come to an agreement on regionalism concept, resource control, and State police and considerably reduce the power at the centre. 50% of resources going to the centre from states are enough to support weaker states to explore and develop. The alternative is to continue to play politics and allow US to take over all we are trying to protect. Go and find out what is going on Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, then you will realize the mess Nigeria is about to get into.

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