“Roforofo Fight”: Doyin Okupe, Oby Ezekwesili Trade Insults on Twitter!

Many of those who heard that Mrs Oby Ezekwesili ignored a handshake from Dr. Doyin Okupe, the President’s Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs at the Heathrow Airport believed that by the close of work, the matter would have died down.Some have however found it surprising that as of 4. 27 pm on Wednesday, Dr. Okupe was still firing. He described the former World Bank Vice President as an “overrated creation of Obasanjo”.
Okupe stated on twitter that Oby Ezekwesili, who is at the forefront of the “Bring Back Our Girls” protest in Abuja has problems with accepting the supremacy of Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
Okupe had started ealier in the day when he tweeted that “Jst met oby @heathrow.went over 2say hello. Shockingly she refused 2 say hello or shake me.! We may disagree but it ought not b personal.”
In his next tweet, he described Ezekwesili as being “unfit for leadership”.
Oby“Dis unnecessary hostility of oby is petty,childish &unbefiting of a Xtian,certainly not a pastor’s wife Oby ezekwesili is unfit 4 leadership”, Okupe tweeted.
In her rsponse to queries on why she ignored Dr. Okupe, Mrs Ezekwesili’s tweeted “if it matters to you @all, then know that I ACTUALLY verbally answered THAT greeting but declined the theatrics of a FALSE HEARTY HANDSHAKE.”
Her next tweet seemed to also be another response to Dr. Okupe’s salvos, “Can Tweeps take back their TL to #ChibokGirls? Theirs is a relentless pattern to seek to divert attention from them. Please don’t indulge”, she tweeted.
She went on that “when we were growing up in the 70s, Nigerians wr deep people who seldom got carried away with form over substance. Today? form all the way”.
She kept up the tempo with her next lines of tweets which read “I was taught by our parents to only ALWAYS tell the Truth. Nothing but the Truth. No moment in life has this become most worthy than today. When in Government, my then boss would say”If I want to hear the truth about anything, I ask Oby”. Sometimes even he ached to hear it.W
When in 2013, I spoke the truth on their poor Governance of Oil revenue from the 5th oil boom; they barked&threw filth. Today, we know MORE.When APC INVITED me to KEYNOTE at their Economic Road Map Summit; I spoke the Truth. They were so pained, they sent me no letter of thanks.
For me, the Speech at the APC event was for our ENTIRE POLITICAL CLASS which if it were INTROSPECTIVE will embrace the Truth of its failure.Those who today call me “opposition politician” were however rejoicing that I had told their “enemies” the BITTER TRUTH.Both sides miss the point! Speaking the TRUTH is not “contextual” to me. The Truth that one speaks is never flexi-laced to SUIT ANYONE.
Those so trapped in falsehood to the extent of lying that #BringBackOurGirls is “opposition” merely need within them the FREEDOM of TRUTH!With hearts sired with hot iron, they see nothing but filthy lucre or power as only motivations for people’s choices. No! Embrace the TRUTH. The slander, the filth & the insults only STRENGTHEN my RESOLVE to SPEAK the TRUTH. You who have committed to falsehood, your JOB is much!
TRUTH knows no friends nor enemies. The Truth shoots in any direction that it must be told. That is why it will ULTIMATELY beat ALL LIES.Our CHARACTER &not REPUTATION is what we were brought up to cherish & build. Nothing the authors of falsehood do touches one’s CHARACTER
Some say we cry more than the bereaved. Well, what do they know? If only they have seen or heard as I have some of d Moms & Dads of d GIRLS”.
After some hours of silence, Okupe fired again, “Oby is an over celebrated creation of obj wt no clear antecedent or pedigree. An oppotunist who profits frm national tragedy 2 rise 2 fame. ngozi okonjo nweala is d prblm oby has.
Its 2 painful 4 her 2 accept ngozi’s sublime supremacy over her.she’s 2 desperate 2 surpass her.pity”.

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