JOKES: Best Upbringing (Yoruba Mum)

Yorùbá mothers are the best when it comes to child upbringing. Yorùbá mothers produce the best range of Slaps:IGBATI,IFOTI,IGBAJU,IGBARUN,IFORUN,IFAKUN,ILADI,ABARA. These slaps will make you think you were adopted.
IGBATI will make you correct your wrongs instantly without further instructions! The beauty of IFOTI (Basically IFONUN in food crime situations) is that you will confess your sins on the spot.
IGBARUN, IGBAJU (Sometimes called BOJU in critical conditions) and IFORUN will make you expose those who committed the crime with you without hesitation.
ABARA and ILADI will make you pee in your new pants. Now ABARA also called EPETE which is the worst especially when it’s given in the middle of the back where your hand can never touch but all you can do is to roll on the floor like a snake when the venom of the hit enters your marrow And apart from IGBAJU, we have an advanced one which is IGBAJU OLOYI which when received, you’ll lose balance and your head will go into “auto-search” as you’ll be looking for what hit you.
This will make you do all the actions of the other slaps aforementioned at once! OH! THE GREAT IGBAJU OLOYI…it can reset someone to 3D (DEAF, DUMB, and DAFT). She will say let’s go home and Your response will be “it’s in my pocket ma” with crying tone.
God bless our parents for the good upbringing. If you were brought-up in Yoruba land, regardless of how caring your mother was, you’d have encountered these slaps ….I know you’re laughing unless you’re not a Yoruba You can share your childhood ordeals too with me just as I’ve shared mine….lolz

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