Mutiny: Uneasy Calm Over Death Sentence For 15 Soldiers

Nigerian soldiers on patrol

The recent death sentence handed down to the twelve military personnel over alleged mutiny has begun to raise a potentially noxious dust within the various military barracks across the Nigeria. Reliable sources in Abuja revealed that, junior officers at various military barracks appear upset with the judgment handed to their 12 colleagues.
According to the information gathered, the junior officers are ready to resist the said execution of the death sentence ‘by any means necessary’. One of the sources revealed that the 12 convicted persons were actually heroes who acted to save the face of the military for the continuing embarrassment against a ragtag Jihadist insurgence army. He added that the top commanders who the 12 had been charged for killing were actually aiding the Jihadist group – and as a result, men and women of the Nigerian army die in the battle field daily owing to the sabotage by top military commanders. “If anything those commanders need to be sentenced to death“, said the visibly angry officer who went on to say that the leadership in the military may have started what it might not be able to handle. “Don’t be surprised what this might lead to, we are ready to down tools.”
The source who happens to be a military officer stationed in Maiduguri stated that “the problem we have here is our corrupt commanders, they are working for Boko Haram“. He lamented bitterly that nothing is being done to bring a conclusive solution to the sabotage of Nigeria’s effort by the top commanders. He went on to promise havoc within the barracks should the 12 military personnel by executed. “Let us be watching. We want to see which officer will do the executing.”
One of the military stationed at the Bassey military barrack in Abuja federal capital territory added that the mood at barrack points to uncertain fear. “The frustration has reached its elastic limit”, he said while adding that the commander’s actions had put an unhealthy divide in the military. A divide, he claims has been worsened by the silence of the political leaders who refuse to rectify the causative problems. “Everybody knows what has been going within the military. The top bosses are in bed with Boko Haram. They are mainly Muslims from the north“.
Already, it was gathered that the military have begun to register an increased number of desertions by junior officers partly in protest to the ‘forged’ execution of the war against Boko Haram. Particularly, the desertions are said to be coming from officers of South East and South South extractions.
The 12 soldiers found guilty of mutiny are Cpl Jasper Braidolor, Cpl David Musa, LCpl Friday Onun, LCpl Yusuf Shuaibu, LCp¬lIgomu Emmanuel, Pte Andrew Ngbede, PteNuru¬deen Ahmed, PteIfeanyiAl-ukhagbe, PteAlao Samuel, PteAmadiChukwudi, Pte Al¬lan Linu, and LCpl Stephen Clement
The court martial found five other soldiers innocent of all five counts of insub¬ordinate behaviour, false ac¬cusation, mutiny, AWOL and conduct to the prejudice of service discipline.
Therefore, they were dis¬charged and acquitted.
The five acquitted sol¬diers are Cpl David Luh¬but, CplMuhammedSani, PteIsehUbong, PteSabas-tineGwaba and PteInama Samuel.
The 18th soldier, Private Ichocho Jeremiah, was found guilty of going AWOL (absent without leave) and was sentenced to 28 days in prison with hard labour.
Jeremiah was also found guilty of conduct to the prej¬udice of service discipline, but he was only reprimand¬ed for this offence.

Author: News Editor

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