Obama Divorce Rumors: White House Breakup Would Be The First For America

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are having issues with their relationship? The rumors coming from the White House are not about Ebola or ISIS, instead it is about the possibility of the Obama’s getting a divorce as their marriage is allegedly on the rocks. The Epoch Times is reporting on Friday that the couple who has been married for 22 years are facing a crisis.
The president has been traveling around the world on diplomatic work, but the rumors once again surfaced when he arrived in Hollywood. The situation allegedly was another woman, who was spotted while in the Los Angeles. When Michelle Obama found out, the reports suggest there was a fallout over the situation. Of course, nothing can be substantiated as the couple keeps their relationship very quiet.
There have been numerous rumors that the Obama marriage is fake, in danger of falling completely apart, or has already fallen apart and the couple is waiting to get out of office before divorcing. However, when fans watch the couple on the dance floor, they look like they fall in love with each other all over again.
Will the Obama’s get a divorce? Perhaps in the future, but for now their marriage looks to be as solid as a rock. Taking care of two kids, a couple of dogs and keeping an eye on America, it appears the couple is too busy to consider anything more at this time. Or maybe the two individuals are extremely happy and don’t want to chance killing their relationship at all.

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