U can email ur ancestors, detect the dreaded ebola, ping ur village deity.

If u hold am, U no go ever hungry again.
If u misplaced it in a cab, it will automatically find its way back into ur pocket.
If ugly person send U request e no go enter. It can tell U which member of your family dey disturb you.
U can connect d bluetooth to transformer 2 get light.
It can be used as bomb detectors.
It can be used as mosquito (insect) repellant.
It makes everyone look at you as rich boy or girl even when you are trekking.
It vibrates if someone is lying, 4real.
It can tell d real father of a child.
It can detect if Ur boyfriend/ girlfriend is cheating.
It can upgrade Ur GPA if U are a student.
It prevents unwanted pregnancy, just put it in condom mode.
You can use it as AC
You can use it as a weapon if you are attacked by armed robbers
It can show you the way to heaven
AGREED ??????

So Run go carry that money wey reach buy Land go waste for Phone. Your life will never remain the same.

Author: News Editor

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