Breaking News: Nigerian Troops Regain Mubi After Fierce Battle With Boko Haram

The coast of Boko Haram in Adamawa State has started shrinking as Nigerian soldiers successfully regained Mubi, the second largest city of the state, driving the insurgents into the fringe of the town as they make efforts to return normalcy into the areas they now occupy.


We can report that the soldiers broke into Mubi three days ago in a swift operation which took the insurgents by surprise.

Officers who spoke with our correspondents in Yola said the soldiers entered the Mubi from two ends of the town, Mararaba and the back of Mubi, while they were able to rout out the insurgents from the areas of their stronghold in the town.

The officer said although the troops met a pocket of resistance from Boko Haram in Mubi, they had to flee at a point when it was glaring that they could not withstand the fire power of the Nigerian soldiers.

He said for three days the troops held sway in Mubi and were able to smite the insurgents out of their areas of control, leaving them to flee the town, while soldiers pursued and were in the process eliminated them.

According to reports, it was only on Thursday that the Islamic insurgents embarked on a suicide mission to dare the troops and scare them out of Mubi with bomb blast.

A high ranking military officer in a chat told Newspotng that the insurgents, having mastered the routes of troops in Mubi went on the offensive with three Hilux vans laden with bombs and driven by suicide bombers to confront the gallant troops in Mubi.

He said three of the Hilux vehicles had targeted soldiers on patrol with the aim ramming into their convoy to wreak havok.

He said by being alert, the troops blew off two of the Hilux vans as they were approaching their convoy with perceived furry, while the turd van successfully rammed into an armoured vehicle which he said led to the death of at least 10 soldiers.

The top military officers said the casualty figure on the part of the insurgents have been very high, since according to him, the troops have been shelling and killing them since the past three days that they had entered into Mubi.

He said the soldiers ensured that as many insurgents as possible were killed as they fled the areas they had before now laid claims to in Mubi.

He said judging the mood in the military camp at the moment, it would not take long before the strong holds of Boko Haram in the North-East would shattered..

Author: News Editor

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  • Abel Wariboko

    May God grant victory to the troops, civilian JTF. and Nigerians, putting to shame those who want to play politics with the blood of the dead

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