Yoruba Summit In Ibadan: Some Yoruba Leaders Are Dancing Naked At The Graveside Of Awolowo – Dr. Olukayode Ajulo 

Participants in the Yoruba Summit that held in Ibadan on Wednesday where it was asserted that only a bastard Yoruba would vote for President Goodluck Jonathan in the next Saturday presidential election, have been described as enemies of the Yoruba race.

The National Secretary of Labour Party, Barr. Kayode Ajulo made the remark on Saturday while reacting to the outcome of the Alani Akinrinade- convened Summit in Ibadan. He said the call by the Yoruba leaders not to vote for President Jonathan was tantamount to dancing naked at the graveside of the sage, Late Obafemi Awolowo, former premier of Western region, who fought for the restructuring of and true federalism in Nigeria all his life.

Ajulo pointed out that President Jonathan was committed to implementing the recommendations of the last National conference where participants agreed to the restructuring of the country through true federalism.

According to the LP Scribe, ‘’these are the things Papa Awolowo fought for all his life’, stressing that there has never been a time when the country was close to implementation of true federalism than now.

‘’We have never been so close to restructuring of Nigeria than now’’, Ajulo pointed out, adding that those who are opposed to the re-election of President Jonathan were enemies of the people of the Yorubaland and by logical extension, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Ajulo noted that all those who were engaged in campaign of hate against Jonathan and also campaigned against all that Awolowo stood for would be faced with the reality of having to meet Awolowo to account for their betrays to him when they all die.

The renowned legal practitioner- cum politician disclosed that Awolowo believed so much in the restructuring of Nigeria where everyone would have equal opportunity of aspiring to the highest position in the country. He said Awolowo knew the oligarchy like the back of the hand and fought the evil intent of one part of the country wanting to dominate the other perpetually.

The late Sage democratized the education of his people while others stifled the opportunity to allow all to have access to education.

Ajulo added that the constitution of Nigeria has given all Nigerians equal right to aspire to the highest position in the land, stressing that a situation whereby one part of the country would believe that it’s its birth right to be president in perpetuity would be unhealthy for the growth and development of the country.

He further stated that the former prime minister of the Western Region had prophesied in Port Harcourt before his death that a day would come when someone from a minority part of the country would become the president of Nigeria.


‘’The last public outing and the speech he made before his death was about restructuring of Nigeria and true federalism’’, Ajulo said, adding that some Northerners were however, hell-bent on scuttling the process of restructuring the country with the able collaboration of some Yorubas.

He reiterated that Nigeria desired change; but quickly added that the change that Nigeria required was not a change of personality but a change of the structure of the country where all and sundry would have equal right to aspire to any position in the country without any inhibition.

He challenge the pro-Buhari Yorubas to sincerely tell him one achievement from Buhari, stating that Buhari cannot fight corruption with the circle of his new friends.


He finally added that with Buhari as President other African nations will experience coups as Buhari return to power will encourage coup d’état in Africa region.


Author: News Editor

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