HDP Urges APC, Buhari To Form Government Of National Unity

The Hope Democratic Party (HDP) has called on Nigeria’s President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), to form an all-inclusive unity government in the incoming administration.

HDP which made the call at a media briefing in Abuja on Wednesday urged the President-elect and APC to learn from the fall of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from power after 16 years in saddle.

Alhaji Usman Sani, HDP National Publicity Secretary, stated that in order to make the wind of change blow positive economic and political advancement to the Nigerian citizens, Buhari should ensure that only people with genuine burning desire to serve the nation are given appointments.

According to the party, Buhari should beware of sycophants, professional praise-singers and lobbyists now parading his corridor and that of the APC to secure underserved appointments in the incoming government.

“General Buhari’s greatest achievement will be his ability to seek out principled and dedicated Nigerians who share in his vision of anti-corruption and of change for a new Nigeria”.

“There is no doubt that Buhari’s victory is the triumph of principled and consistent opposition. His now legendary resilience which rubbed off on the larger opposition class, most of whom also deserve mention and inclusion in the long hard journey to unseat the ruling party in the face of derision, must be noticed.

“It is important that the danger posed by the class of praise singers and unprincipled people in our polity are identified and checked by Buhari and APC before they deceive all Nigerians again as they have done since 1999 and took over government after the principled opposition class and civil liberty organizations chased away the military from the corridors of power,’’ it said.

HDP which contested the Presidential election along with APC on March 28 alleged that PDP derailed in government when it decided to reward men of “easy virtue, unprincipled and institutionalized sycophants’’ with juicy appointments at the expense of merit.

The party claimed that the qualifications of most people that derailed PDP were their ability to change party, loyalty and engage in mischief against the opposition and warned that such people should be avoided in the new government.

It, therefore, urged the incoming leadership not to allow itself to be outsmarted by the “ever sweet-talking and praise-singing sycophantic band’’ who only resurface soon after every election.

HDP said that such politicians often change position with ease so as to reposition themselves through paid adverts and all forms of lobbying machinery often well oiled, through traditional and religious leaders to gain access to power through recommended appointments.

“The change of government as desired by Nigerians must be run by principled and consistent personalities of known abilities to effect the much anticipated change in governance and aspirations of our people.

“The victorious General should also engage well-known, tested and trusted retired military and judicial personalities to man key institutions to guide the change in our ways of government and governance.

“Nigerians and the world are looking forward to the desired and hard fought change which the General now symbolizes,” the party said.

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