ISIS Prisoner Forced To Dig Own Grave Before Being Beheaded

A prisoner in an orange jumpsuit is forced to dig his own grave before he is beheaded in the latest shocking video released by ISIS.

The video released by the terror group shows the man suspected of being a Syrian spy using a pick axe and shovel to dig a hole in the desert.

The prisoner, whose face and upper body are covered in cuts and bruises, is first made to speak to the camera ‘admitting’ his wrongdoings.

Speaking in Arabic, he says he is from Al-Qaryatayn, a town in central Syria, and describes his work as a spy.

He concludes: ‘I killed Abu Hassan and the Islamic State came and captured me.’


The captive, who gives his name as Ziad Abdel’al Abu Tarek, is filmed walking barefoot in an orange jumpsuit across barren land to pick an axe and shovel, before digging the grave.

A white truck pulls up behind him bearing the recognisable black ISIS flag, and the footage then cuts to a shot of him kneeling on the ground in front of his executioner.

The video also shows the aftermath of the barbaric killing.

Author: News Editor

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