The #BringBackOurGirls group has condemned in strong terms the call by Borno State governor, Kashimu Shettima that the Boko Haram sect members should be given amnesty.

Speaking on the demand by Shettima made while being sworn in for his second term, the leader of the group, Dr Oby Ezekwesili said on no condition, should the members of this deadly group be considered for amnesty as their crimes are so heinous to be forgotten.

She noted that instead of talking about amnesty for a group like Boko Haram, what the federal government needs to do is to crush the sect as the group is not even ready for disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR), as the sect members are not ready for such engagement. Speaking further, a member of the group, Dr Manasah Allen noted that instead of talking about amnesty for Boko Haram, the governor should be concerned about ways of tackling the sect and bringing their evil ways to an end.


He further tasked the governor to focus on rebuilding and rehabilitating the areas and people affected instead of suggesting amnesty for a group that are still killing innocent people without any just cause. “The issue of amnesty for Boko Haram is not right. They killed so many people. They have destroyed so many lives. Everybody is affected in the havoc by the insurgency and here we have somebody talking about amnesty.

We are determined to put pressure on government to bring back the girls and other people who have been kidnapped by the sect.We want the military to take out Boko Haram, not repel, or always dislodging the sect members. The military needs to take the battle to the Boko Haram, not wait and defend,” Allen noted.

The group also supported moves for a judicial panel of enquiry on the abduction of the Chibok girls noting that “some people need to answer questions about the abduction. In the enquiry, people must come and testify or they would have committed contempt of court. When that happens, the truth will come out.