The rise of Isis/salafi groups in Gaza is a serious challenge to Hamas, which has long campaigned on its Islamist credentials and its opposition to peace with Israel. The groups has always used its ideology to persuade Palestinians to support it over Fatah and the PA, which is seen by many Palestinians as at best weak and at worst collaborators with the Israelis.

It also comes as Hamas and Islamic Jihad both are fast running out of allies. Hamas lost a powerful supporter in Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi, who was ousted in a coup in 2013 and is now on death row in Egypt, while there are reports that Islamic Jihad has fallen out of favour with its main sponsor, Iran.

With Gaza residents fast realizing that they gained little out of last year’s brutal war other than over 2,200 dead, a tanking economy and destruction on a mass scale, Hamas is sure to face increasing opposition from both Isis pretenders and moderate Palestinians.