Yes, I Authored Petition Against Aregbesola, Oloyede Dares Osun Chief Judge

Justice Oloyede Olamide Folahanmi, has indicated that she meant business with a petition she filed before the Osun State House of Assembly calling for the impeachment of the governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, as she confirmed authorship to the Chief Judge of the state, Justice Adepele Ojo. She made the confirmation when the Chief Judge asked her for clarification on the authorship of the petition in line with an earlier directive of the House of Assembly.

The petition against Aregbesola by Justice Folahanmi has been setting the state at an edge as more members of the State House of Assembly are said to have been disposed to impeachment of Aregbesola against the background of poor situation of things in the state.

A letter to the Chief Judge of Osun State by the House of Assembly on confirmation of the petition against Aregbesola is believed to be a prelude to the process of impeaching the embattled governor who many believed had wreaked the economy of the state.

Folahanmi in a 39-page petition she sent to the House of Assembly, traditional rulers in the South-West state, former governors, clerics and opinion leaders, had alleged that Aregbesola’s “act of literally ruling the state from Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Lagos “is disloyal, neglectful and un-patriotic and is the direct cause of most of Osun’s problem.”

She stated: “To begin with, Mr. Governor, did not grow up in Osun, and as such could not really know or understand its people and their challenges as well as their hope and aspirations”.

The judge was particularly livid over the governor’s deliberate stifling of the judiciary of funds, “coupled with his refusal to pay the meager ‘running cost’ or and to pay judges and magistrates their housing and medical allowances or to give them serviceable official vehicles which has resulted in the closure of the state courts in the last six (6) months”.

She alleged a high measure of recklessness on the part of the governor which she said amounted to the greatest betrayal and treachery of the ideals of democracy and consequently of the rule of law of which he (Aregbesola) is one of the greatest beneficiaries”.

“I declare that in presenting this petition, I’m not in any way motivated by malice, spite, pecuniary interest or promise thereof, nor am I propelled by a desire for higher office, since it has always been my conviction that all good things come from above, only from above.

“I am also not unmindful of the need to respect the dignity of fellow citizens and to respect constituted authority (including Mr. Governor), it is however trite that: respect begets respect, and that dignity is as dignity does.

“My objective is to ensure that human beings are treated justly, and thus ensure the reign of peace, since peace and justice can never be separated, they are two sides of the same coin.

“If the world is ever to experience peace, therefore, all hands must be on deck to ensure that no one is treated unjustly, and that the propensity of certain persons to mistreat and maltreat others are, at least, put in check, for as long as it is not quite possible to wipe out injustice completely.


“I verily believe, that the desired power, prestige and good image for our country that the majority yearns for can only be achieved when we all cooperate to fight ineptitude, corruption, greed and abuse of entrusted power in governance. I am also convinced of the fact that loving one’s brethren means doing that which will benefit them, which includes having them corrected and/or punished if they refuse to understand and persist in acts which are damaging to others beside themselves.

“Although, Mr. Governor had initially agreed to grant me audience, after I impressed upon him the urgency of my mission, regrettably later, he reneged on his promise, thereby making the publication of my petition, without first bringing it to his notice privately unavoidable.

“Mr. Governor’s policies are geared and are being pursued solely for the purpose of enriching himself, his godfathers, immediate families and his cronies, whilst impoverishing the generality of the people of Osun who look up to him for their welfare.

“I am propelled by the desire to see the pains of my fellow human beings ameliorated and to possibly, help take away the reproach of our state as “a bankrupt” and “a failed state”, as announced on Channels TV, by Mr. Tunji Onigbinde, and the desire to join hands with others of like minds to help salvage the sinking ship of Osun State.

“It is my sincere opinion that if this stigma is not to become permanent, if Osun is to stand any chance of recovery from the deadly blows dealt her, by those who have sworn to protect her and her interest, and in whom she had extended the hand of benevolence, then all loving hands must be on deck to rescue her from the clutches of her betrayer and tormentors.

“I declare that in addition to the media-hype of Osun’s parlous financial condition, I have first-hand experience which constitutes evidence of the unfortunate situation in which Osun currently finds herself, shall be shown hereunder, for I am not one to act on rumour or hastily.

“Even Mr. Governor has admitted publicly, the fact that Osun is in financial quagmire and that he is clueless on how to pull her out of the doldrums into which she has been pushed. Nor is it in dispute that the state has been unable to discharge its financial obligations to, its pensioners, civil service, the judicial arm and contractors alike”?.


Author: News Editor

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