Anti-Corruption War: Buhari Inaugurates 7-Man Advisory Committee

President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the establishment of a 7-man Presidential Advisory Committee on the War against Corruption (WAC) with a view to keeping his election campaign promise of fighting corruption in the country with all that it takes in order to bring sanity into governance.

Presidential spokesman, Mr Femi Adesina, in a statement issued in Abuja on Monday, said that the committee is headed by Prof. Itse Sagay, a professor of law and civil rights activist.

Adesina explained that the WAC committee is to advise the administration on the prosecution of its anti-corruption war, the implementation of required Reforms in Nigeria’s Criminal Justice System and also develop comprehensive interventions for achieving recommended reforms.

Apart from Sagay, the committee comprises Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies would serve as its Executive Secretary.

Other members include Prof. Femi Odekunle, Professor of Criminology, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Dr Benedicta Daudu, Associate Professor of International Law, University of Jos, Prof. E. Alemika, Professor of Sociology, University of Jos; Prof. Sadiq Radda, Professor of Criminology, Bayero University, Kano, and Hadiza Bala Usman, a civil society activist.

According to the statement, Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation and Open Society Foundation have already made five million dollars Reform Fund available in support of the administration’s anti-corruption and criminal justice reforms.

It added that the fund, which would be managed by Trust Africa, an international development civil society organisation with programme presence in more than 25 African countries, would assist in the implementation of key components of the Action Plan and the work of the Presidential Advisory Committee.

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  • vincentumenyiora

    Talk about common pool for Nigeria. SEE HOW THIS HELP but think about the time lag – Nigeria! The time it takes to arrive at decisions, folks! I said already may God help us in Nigeria!

    What I want to say about this new Committee having, in fact, read the account of Chief Phillip Asiodu about what happened to the civil service since 1975 is: Can those in corridors of power working for the Presidency or the Governors try and send replies to correspondences sent to these destinations by Nigerians early (particularly if they are going to use part of the contents of it) so that we can track the origin of certain matters when they finally come to the fore for a national discourse! Further more how I wished Heads of departments or the CEO can read these notes first and then give directives other than their aides or subordinates or advisers telling them what the correspondences bear and they go off with (plagiarise) the idea in them as if they are the owners! I am saying this because of this new pronouncement and my experience about the Option A-4 even with the format for the recording of results – you cannot believe that the officers hijacked the ideas and did not care to acknowledge my correspondences forwarding the solutions such that both Prof. H. Nwosu and here Attahiru Jega and his Commissioners all basking on the accolade engendered in the last election!

    To say therefore, that the common pool idea came partly from my submission in a correspondence sent for the President’s attention on the 4th June 2015. I don’t think that Heads of State in Nigeria do read all the correspondences meant for them except very few from very important dignitaries and World institutions making corruption in the country multi-facetted! The G.O. states and Chief Asiodu affirmed it in his interview posted on Vanguard 10th August 2015 so, that such correspondences should be replied to so that it could be tracked as and when it is necessary; what they do now is government transaction by GSM no records if you want to return to your enquiries – it was my experience with one sent for IBB’s attention in 1st Dec. 1992 regarding Option A-4, otherwise I had hitherto raised this issue (common pool) also in my comments listed below, thus:-

    Ø S. To try to fashion the revenue collection approach or method for Nigeria on ‘common pool’ basis – let those responsible be accountable to the accounting Agency for the State and for the Federal alike not Self Accounting as they made it at the time! See Chapter 9 pages 89, 311; 3rd Sept. 1993 letter and pages 549 and 550 of my main Book.

    Ø The Enigma submitted on the 18th Sept. 1989 has and you-win as part solutions for Nigeria!

    Ø Letter for the Head of Interim Govt. 3rd Sept. 1993 not least the

    Ø Nat. Conference will bring about true federalism – Prof. Sagay (SAN) 14th Nov. 2013 if
    you can find my comment on this features I posted this suggestion as a valid solution!

    Here is a tip: In the United Kingdom when they have (form) Committees they usually find one or two people who have idea of what the problems are for the ‘remit’ and make them members so as to tap their knowledge – I wonder how many of these Professors made viaable contributions by way of solutions towards all we have done in Nigeria from IBB’s regime down to Sani Abacha’s or even up to present date? We have seen the scheming going on about next INEC Chairman yet the owner of the solution not thought about even as one of the Commissioners – and we are talking about fair play and the effects of corruption in Nigeria, folks! So, going by the trends in Nigeria, I tell you the truth, you’ll discover that my solution on this matter will be part of the recommendations! If you ask why – the answer’ll be “It is all about telepathy!” See how bad the system is – the hypocritical nature of the system – even at this point in the rigmaroles going on those who have my publication where the solutions are posted have not even thought it right to call me and to say; “Hear/look Vincent, we hope this is the moment they will consider your solution!” And tell you the truth the solution I am talking about is exactly what you need to deal with the problems of corruption in Nigeria – no doubt about this, just as ‘Option A-4’ when the adjuncts (still with me) all come to be applied in the exercise, has simplified the problem about elections in Nigeria! My solution for anti-corruption includes need for “Military Consultative Council!” If you recall Obasanjo had to decide to call for a truce between the military and the civil government when he returned in 1999 – anti-corruption measures need covert and overt actions!

    Note; my concern for this matter like I said already is about – What next at the end of President Buhari’s tenure in office? To round it up I have also submitted a ‘New solution’ for the election of political leadership for Nigeria I term: “A Federated Presidential system approach for Nigeria!” the aim is to take charge of (douse) the imbroglio associated/ experienced at this level of politics in Nigeria thereby foster a simple stakeholder-friendly and cost free means of getting that “Best amongst equals” talked about in political parlance!

    I am not against setting up Committees one for corruption in particular but if you read the above listed, you’ll see in it the members may have come across my publications in one form or the other that early and that solution had been raised that early too but I want to leave you with one impressive observation about what we are not doing yet or know! When I was on the course of Bldg. Economics in London we had lecturers some of whom PhD holders but it came a time when there was need to invite artisans from the Industry to come and tell the students first hand what obtains on sites which are not necessarily recorded in text books particularly on matters pataining to foundations! What it is although the lectureres acquired the preficiencies when they did there are numerous things happening on sites which they obviously the lecturers were not familiar with so even though the operatives invited did not have the kind of high education they were advantaged on theose specific areas about building industry which the Phd holders were not! So, in our case in Nigeria a lot of emperical solutions are required to deal with our problems in Africa indeed also hence in my concerns all these years, if you have taken note, I have left technicalities oand theories from text beeks and tried to profer my solutions from observations and deductions derived from local dectates – i. e. from situational factors! What I am saying in effect is that the solution you’re looking for has been provided including for Asset declaration and the crime of debauchery but due to Nigerian factor nobody wants to accept the facts soon the solutions would become/ go down as somebody else’s or groups credit!

    If you look up these submissions you will see my reasons and how pressed for need for the policy! The same happened to need for the National Orientation for Nigeria but Prof. Omo-omorui took up the idea abut changed iot to Centre for Democratic Studies when he advised IBB. Let’s be sincere and grow up, you can’t ask for people to surrender their God given inspirational or expertise in the hope that such persons should be rewarded then abandone them and run with their solutions or ideas and you claim to be well behaved leaders particularly where we are discussing corruption even in the eyes of our foreign friends!

    We were almost at the same stage in 1991/92 when IBB ordered for the detention of Gani Fawehinme and others as redicals who were criticising his policies and he publicly to the Nation requested for viable solution to get us out of the impasse and I sent in my own solution only for the solution to be hijacked – in fact plagiarised verbatim and I am still here trying to get hearing! In almost the same situation, we are looking for ways to curb the crime of corruption and I have handed in the right solution – they are probably waiting bidding for time before it is released and somebody will claim to be the innitiator of the solution! I don’t know what is in the offing but to see under your nose that what you have not only aspounded but sent in to the authorities is being proposed and as government policy and you – the owner of it not mentioned in any form associated with the solutions! The more frustriating is that even where you have mentioned names of those you passed the infirmation onto you still do not hear from them – and these are all supposed to be looked up as gentlemen of goodwill!

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