Niger Delta Avengers Denies Arrest of Members, Promises more Attacks on Businesses, Individuals


The Niger Delta Avengers, the new militant group behind bombing of oil installations in the Niger Delta region has disowned the 10 men said to have been arrested by the Nigerian Army.

The military had paraded 10 men in Benin on Sunday, May 29, it claimed to have arrested, while on operation.

Speaking while parading the suspects in Benin, Edo State, the Commander of the 4 Brigade, Benin, Brigadier-General Farouk Yahaya, said they were arrested at about 1:40am on Saturday, in Oporaza community, Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta State, following a cordon and search operation conducted in the community.

However on Tuesday, NDA said claims by the Nigerian Military that no fewer than 10 of its suspected members were arrested on Sunday, was false.

In a tweet today, via its Twitter handle, @NDAvengers, the militant group said: “Our attention has been drawn to the arrest of 10 Niger Delta Avengers boys by Nigerian Military. None of our Strike Team has been arrested. It’s all lies.”

Meanwhile, the militant group derided former militant warlord, Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, over the sufferings and untold hardship soldiers have subjected innocent people of Gbaramatu Kingdom, Delta State, particularly women and children to in the past four days .

In a statement by its spokesperson, Col Mudoch Agbinibo, said it warned Tompolo when he took sides with the Nigerian government against it, but he refused to listen.

The group said in the statement: “Our dear brother, Tompolo, how is your friendship with the Nigerian Government. The people you took side with against us (the Niger Delta Avengers). We offered you the olive branch by beckoning you to join us in this struggle, but you refused.

“It is not our business what goes on in Gbaramatu Kingdom but our concern is the innocent children, women and aged people, whom the Nigerian military has chased away from their homes now taking refuge in the forest. We warned you before hand that the Nigerian Government, can never be trusted.

“To the Nigeria military, why are you looking for soft targets? If you are looking for the Avengers, you know how to find us. Don’t deceive your President.

“Information gathered by the Intelligence unit of the Niger Delta Avengers revealed that Oil Marine Services (OMS) whose Chairman and CEO is Capt. Okunbor Idahosa also known, as Capt. Hosa, is the company Nigerian Government awarded the Pipeline surveillance contract to, spanning from Escravos to Lokoja,” the group said.

“The question is, why the innocent people of Gbaramatu, why the innocent pregnant women, why unleash terror on the aged people of Gbaramatu, Capt. Hosa, Major Yahaya, Ayiri and Brig. Gen Faruk – must you waste all these innocent blood just to secure the pipeline surveillance job?

“Why making the innocent people of Gbaramatu suffer? This act of the Nigerian Army to us is the greatest act of cowardice. This fight we believe is against the Avengers and not the innocent villagers of Gbaramatu Kingdom,” it stated.

“Where is the International community and the United Nations when all these unspeakable injustice are served the people of Gbaramatu Kingdom by the very unprofessional Nigerian Military? Are they not aware of the raping of young girls, looting and destruction of properties by the Nigeria military in Gbaranmatu kingdom? Not done with Tompolo, it said: “As for you Tompolo, what do you have to say about the horrible treatment meted your people by Nigerian Military, are you still going to call the Niger Delta Avengers criminals, are you still going to take sides with the Nigeria Government against your people?

“What happened to you (Tompolo)? We respect the love you have for your people, the Niger Delta. What is really happening to you when the likes of Mr Ayiri, Capt Hosa and co are unleashing this kind of atrocities on your people.

“Has the wealth you acquired made you soft that you do not know what to do anymore? It jabbed at hiim”, it queried.

“The Nigerian Military cannot intimidate us by harassing innocent Niger Deltans. Gbaramatu is just one kingdom in Delta State. The Niger Delta is made up of seven States. “It is, therefore, very funny to lure us to halt our well-planned line of actions that will shock the whole world by harassing innocent villager.

“To you, Capt. Hosa the new pipeline protector; the intelligence unit of the Avengers has your full data, we know where all your assets are located and that most of your businesses are in the Niger Delta. For this single act of injustice against the innocent people of Gbaramatu you, your wife and entire family will suffer.

“To Major M.B. Yahaya, we are sure you have not seen real combat before; how did you rise to the rank of a Major, this is to show that Nigerian Military is finished if it is to depend on people like you.

“You are only good at harassing innocent women and children in the name of looking for the Niger Delta Avengers. We are not surprised because all Nigerian Military are corrupt. Be assured that we are making this fight personal with you as we shall make your life a living hell.

“Can anyone tell the difference between Major MB Yahaya, Brig. Gen Faruk Yahaya and Boko Haram? We are asking because we cannot spot any difference. “Is the Nigeria military now a hired gun for the rich? The Amnesty International should take note of these officers, who authorized the harassing of the innocent people of Gbaramatu

“The International Oil Companies and Indigenous Oil Companies, it is going to be bloody this time around. Your facilities and personnel will bear the brunt of our fury, which shall fall upon you like a whirling wiind”, the statement concluded.


Author: News Editor

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