Monarch to Land Grabbers: Stop Selling Ogwashi Nku Land or Face Wrath of Gods. By Emeka Ibemere

A community leader in Ogwashi Uku Kingdom and traditional title holder, His Royal Highness, Nwajei Chuks Nwajei, Agumba and Akaji Obi of Ogwashi-Ukwu has warned those sharing and selling Ogwashi Uku landed property to desist from it or face the wrath of the gods of land.
He cautioned people from stealing the landed properties belonging to peasant farmers in Ogwashi-Uku to stop or the gods of Ogwashi Uku would descend on them with heavy punishment.
Speaking in Lagos on what he described as brazen and utter wickedness of some powerful elements in the area who have sold about 80 percent land belonging to the indigenes of Ogwashi Uku, he decried the attitude of these individuals and warned them to beware of the consequences of their actions.
He also warned those buying the land to be careful, so that they will not fall into the hands of criminals that are selling and converting people’s property.
According to him, no traditional ruler or titled chief has power to sell land without consent of the owner.
Agumba said those who parade themselves as title holders in Ogwashi Uku and using such positions to convert people’s land should stop doing so or face court actions.
“As managing Director of Ashi Industries, we are not going to allow the land speculators in Ogwashi-Uku to take one plot of this land and anybody dealing with them is doing so on his or her own risk”, he added.
“The time of impunity is gone and by law there is no person, no traditional ruler in Ogwashi Uku kingdom that has the right to deprive people of their landed propert, it is in the constitution of Nigeria”
The Monarch said the entire Ogwashi-Uku has been militarized by the land grabbers and speculators who wield dangerous guns to intimidate the poor farmers and forcefully take over their land and sell them for peanuts.
“In Ogwashi-uku kingdom, we have a problem of people who are powerful with guns and it is not government approved guns but ones illegally acquired and giving to their representatives to enter into people’s landed properties, sell them and convert the money to themselves”, he noted.
“And the police knowing the laws, are not doing anything about it. They are so powerful and rich that they have bought the courts, the police and the army of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to terrorize innocent peasant farmers of Ogwashi Uku.”
According to him, the Ashi Industries Limited’s land has been in existence by law since 1970s, and it’s gazetted by the then Bendel State Government.
“But this powerful people have also sold 80% of Ogwashi Uku land with few of their aides and they will enter into the land and sell portion of them. They are the same people who are determining what is happening in Ogwashi uku, with thugs, arms and threats”, he claimed.
He continued: “They have sold the land to even members of the National Assembly, so when they are arrested, the next day they are released and they start terrorizing our people but this time; we are saying as Ashi industries, which I’m the managing Director, we are not going to allow them take one plot of these land again”.

Author: News Editor

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