Why I Like To Have Sex With Old Women, Man Confesses To TB Joshua, Delivered

He furtively stole a glance. Not a soul in sight. Tiptoeing across the hotel veranda, a bead of sweat broke his brow, signs of the intensifying battle within. Conscience dimmed to the point of dullness, lust overtook reason and perversion pounced. A gaunt lady, old enough to be his grandmother, was the victim. “You want me to arrange a prostitute,” she pondered, puzzled at the strange request of the young electrician. She was nearly 70 years old. “It’s you I want.” The bed beckoned.

Mr Tope Oladele came to The Synagogue Church of All Nations with a strange predicament. Despite having a young wife and handsome son, the Ondo State indigene nursed an impulsive passion for old women. It became uncontrollable to the point where Oladele could not pass a night without seeking for an old woman and sexually satisfying himself with her.

According to him, marital problems were a hereditary issue for the Oladele family. His father was polygamous and several of his siblings had multiple children for multiple mothers. Striving to “break the jinx”, Tope married his sweetheart Sade. However, the conclusion of their nuptials was the beginning of his woes. An elderly woman visited him that night in the dream and mocked him for even nursing the notion that he could enjoy a settled home. He awoke that night, his body ‘messed up’ with sperm.

However, the nightmare soon went beyond the night. With affection for his wife waning by the day, attraction for elderly women continued to increase. Tope eventually succumbed to the temptation during one of his weekly excursions in another state for work. After fixing an elderly woman’s electrical appliances, he ‘fixed himself’ to her in a night of warped pleasure. Mr Oladele soon began sleeping in his parlour, not his matrimonial bed – the guilt of his actions mingled with the urge for more elderly indulgence culminating in a marriage at the point of breakage.

The final straw was when Tope came to Lagos for a job. Hopeful that her husband would find deliverance, his wife counselled him to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. However, he took a contrary path, as he ended up sleeping with an elderly cleaner at the hotel he lodged at. 4am that morning, Tope awoke with his gnarled companion. “I’ll be back soon,” she said with a sordid wink. Reality then dawned. “What have I done!?!” Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, Tope ran to church that morning knowing that his actions were far from ordinary. He needed help!

That Sunday at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua released a word of prophecy pinpointing his exact problem. “There is a man here who wants to leave his wife for an old woman,” the prophecy rang forth. “You cannot help yourself.” Rushing forward after the prophet even specified the type of clothes he was wearing, Mr Oladele knew the end of his bondage had finally arrived. As Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched forth his hands, he crumpled to the ground in a heap. The spirit of perversion had been sent packing!

The following night, Tope had a remarkable dream. Two elderly women came to him, shook their heads sadly and disappeared. He awoke with joy; the deliverance had been sealed from above! Testifying at The SCOAN with his wife and family, Mr Oladele stated that his love for his wife had been renewed to such a glorious extent that he termed it his ‘Wedding Day’! He apologized to his wife for his past misdemeanors, adding that ‘his eyes had opened’ following the prophecy and prayer.

On her part, Sade stated that her husband’s attitude towards her had radically changed after the prophecy, which she watched LIVE on Emmanuel TV. “After the deliverance, my husband has been treating me like a queen, telling me how beautiful I am,” she told the congregation with a beaming smile. “Indeed, it is God!”

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