Four Kidnapped Chibok School Girls Refuse to Return Home, Pledge Allegiance to Boko Haram in New Video

Four, among the over 250 abducted Chibok school girls, by Boko Haram in 2014 in their hostel have appeared in a video which surfaced on-line on Saturday, pledging allegiance to the insurgency .
The 3.19 minutes video clip revealed the four girls all dressed in black veils, clutching an AK 47rifle.
One of the abducted school girls, who gave her name as Maida Yakubu, spoke on behalf of three others.
While responding to questions posed to her by a male voice in the background, Maida explained why she and some of her fellow captives refused to return to their parents.
Their conversation was in the Hausa language after which the girl spoke in the local Chibok dialect.
The unidentified male voice in his introductory remarks said, “These ones are among the young girls of Chibok who say they are not returning to their parents, but would rather stay back to follow Allah’s religion. Now, we are asking them why.”
The following dialogue ensued between the male voice and Maida:

What is your name?

Veiled girl with AK 47: My name is Maida Yakubu

Which town are you from?


What are the names of your parents?

My mother’s name is Esther Muntari; my father’s name is Yakubu Kaba.

Which school were you attending?

GSS Chibok.

Why don’t you want to return to your parents?

I don’t want to return because they are living in the city of infidels, we want them to come and follow this religion for us to have rest in heaven.

Some people are saying that you are being forced into marriage is this so?

No. It is not so. Among us are those who agree and accept get married.

What is your message to your parents?

My message to them is for them to repent and follow Allah’s religion for our salvation.

What is your appeal to Nigerians?

My call to Nigerians is that they should leave the book that is not that of Allah and follow the Sunnah (Sayings and deeds of the Prophet) Allah’s religion will move forward whether you like it or not.
If you don’t agree you will die in your misery.
She switched to the local Chibok language for the last few seconds of the video.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Esther Yakubu, the mother of Maida has told members of the Bring Back Our Girls advocacy group that it was indeed her daughter who spoke in the recently released video.
The Co-convener of the BBOG, Aisha Yesufu, confirmed this to members of the group during a meeting with other members of the BBOG in Abuja on Saturday.
Yesufu and some members of the group paid a visit to Maida’s parents and urged them not to give up hope.
She said it was ironic that Maida, who urged the Federal Government to rescue them in a proof-of-life video last year could be saying the opposite today.
Yesufu said, “The girl told us how much they had suffered and that they wanted to come back home; and this time, she is saying she does not want to come back home and she wants her parents to join her. We felt it was necessary to pay a visit of encouragement to the parents and we are just coming from Esther Yakubu’s house.
“It is not easy but she is quite strong. For the family, it is really sad and it is not the kind of thing you wish for your enemy but they are strong. She did say that the voice was her daughter’s voice even though she could only see her eyes because the girls were wearing niqab and their eyes were swollen as if they had cried.
“So, we stand with them and we will not stop this fight.
“We also encourage her not to give up because her daughter will need her when she gets out and by the grace of God, her daughter will come out.”
Speaking with our correspondent during a telephone interview, the Chairman, Chibok Community in Abuja, Hosea Tsambido, said the video was cheap propaganda, adding that the girl spoke under duress.
Tsambido said the Chibok leaders were expecting such a video to be released soon because of the statement made by a negotiator, Zannah Mustapha, in which he said the number of girls rescued last week should have been more than 82 but some refused to return because they preferred to stay with the terrorists.
The Chibok leader said he had spoken with the Yakubu family and they were not buying the narrative.
However, Maida’s mother refused to confirm anything to our correspondent when contacted on the telephone.
“Please I don’t know anything,” she said.
Meanwhile, a pressure group under the aegis of Save Humanity Advocacy Centre, has expressed concern over what it described the promotion of Moni, a self acclaimed Boko Haram Commander
The group demanded investigation of the issues raised by Moni and the projections of some other notable collaborators and roles of such people in reviving the terror machinery.
A statement issued on Saturday by the Executive Director of SHAC, Dr. Leonard Pukat, called on the Federal Government, especially the security agencies, not to treat the threats from Moni and the actors in the video with levity.
He said past experiences have proven that they would do anything, including killing and maiming the innocent with bombs, to make a point about their relevance.

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