Id-El Fitr: Ram Prices Drop As Cost Of Chicken, Foodstuffs Soar

As Muslims all over the world celebrate the 2017 Id-El Fitr Islamic festival, the prices of rams, which are an essential part of the festivities have dropped in Abuja as a result of economic hardship in the country. But the prices of chicken and other foodstuffs have gone up 48 hours to the celebration.

A ram seller, Mohammed Sanusi, at the Bodija Ram Market, Ibadan said that even though they have recorded higher sales compared to this period last year, the sellers could not increase the prices of rams because people do not have money in the country.

He said: “People are coming to buy rams and goats; some others come and kill cow and share it to people. The market is rushing. There is no problem in terms of patronage. We have patronage more than last year.

“Last year, our rams remained very many after the Sallah. This time I bought like 100 pieces but the remaining ones are not up to 10. Some people are even bringing the rams from other markets to here.

“The prices have come down because people do not have money. The ones we used to sell N80,000, N100,000, we are selling them between N60,000 and N80,000 because this is Id-El Kabir, the small Sallah.

“People don’t buy rams like Eid-el-Kabir. If it is that one, one person, will come to buy like 20 to 50 and some 100 to distribute to people. This one, people buy like 5 and maximum 10,” he said.

Meanwhile, the prices of chicken, beans, fruits, beverages, cooking oil have remained high. It was observed that sellers of chicken appeared to make brisk business in Bodija Market on Saturday.

One of the chicken sellers, who identified herself as a civil servant, and simply gave her name as Mrs Roseline, said she had sold all the chickens she brought stocked in her car and had to restock. She disclosed that one chicken is sold between N1,600, N2,500, N3,000 and N4,000 depending on the size.

According to her, the prices were a little higher when compared with last year’s because of the high cost of Animal Care, the food for the chicken.

“This is what we are doing to support our salaries. We have sold the first ones we brought this morning before sending my children to bring the remaining ones,” she said. Other sellers also confirmed that the prices of chicken was up because their feeding.

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