S A Court Sentences 2 Farmers Who Forced Black Man into Coffin

Two white South Africans who forced a black man into a coffin have been given jailed Sentences of 14 and 11 years respectively.
The Judge said the harsh Sentences were necessary because they showed no remorse for the racist crime which shocked South Africa.
The two farmers, Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen, got 14 and 11 years respectively on charges of assault, kidnapping and attempted murder.
They had forced the victim, Victor Mlothshwa, into a coffin and threatened to set it alight as Mlothshwa begged for his life.
Mobile phone footage of the incident went viral in South Africa, where 23 years after the end of apartheid racial divisions still run deep.
The distressing footage, which surfaced October last year, showed a South African men forcing a wailing black man into a coffin and threatening to set fire to it, re-igniting the debate about racial conflict that continues to blight the ‘rainbow nation’.
In the 20-second clip, shot on a mobile phone, a white man – thought to be a farmer – was seen dropping a large stick in order to cram a clearly petrified black man into the wooden casket, ordering him to ‘get in, I want to throw some petrol.’
The white man persuaded the black man to climb into the coffin. He then forced the lid down on top of him while, all the time, telling him to ‘talk’
As a second male, holding the camera, was heard threatening to ‘put a snake’ in with the younger black man who struggles and squeals in terror as a lid was closed on him.
Throughout, the two white men yell in Afrikaans and Zulu, which is spoken mainly by black South Africans, and some white farmers, in an area of the country where violence on farms is common.
Police launched an investigation and later arrested the two farmers, putting them on trial afterwards.

Author: News Editor

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