Opinion: The Idea of Third Force, By Christopher Ojeikere

If you have been following the attitudes and commentaries of politically interested average Nigerians around you and in the media; whether mainstream or social media, you might have reached the same conclusions as mine. And that is that Nigerians are tired with both the APC and the PDP; the two dominant, but NOT Democratic, political parties that have bestrode our political space like a twin Colossus. You would further have noticed at length, that there is a covert and sometimes not too covert fear that, they are being led on again to the frustrating position of having to choose between the Devil and the Red Sea.
Sometimes this frustration burst out in diatribes between supporters of both parties that reveal a hapless population under a weight of manipulations which they find hard to shake off. Some have consoled themselves with a determination not to vote for anyone at all come 2019. But the price we must pay for not taking our political destiny into our own hands, is that we will continue to suffer the rule of fools.
The frustrations is understandable in the bewildering circumstances Nigerians have found themselves. In the Southern part of Nigeria for instance, many core and die hard Buharists, who in 2015, sold his candidacy with gospel convictions and cocky audacity; anchoring their campaign on many touted virtues, are today mercilessly torn between a blind and unquestioning loyalty to his candidacy and party, or expressing their buried but burning rage at the wicked, TOTALLY UNPROVOKED, murderous orgy unleashed against their kinsmen, brothers and sisters, by Buhari’s protected kinsmen.
The nagging stirring in their consciences is put in this question form: will a vote for Buhari and the APC not be a vote for the perpetuation of the genocidal activities of these bloodhounds?
Their consciences and consequently, their arguments in favour or defence of another Buhari’s Presidency lose much steam and falls flat in the face of the preposterous attitude, mouth and body language of the the President, who is perceived to at least condone such monstrosities.
In these connections, APC and Buhari become very hard sell here in Edo State, where terrorists called herdsmen, kill, rape, butcher and rip people open in farms and communities.
Given the foregoing, Edo State would naturally have rejected the APC and embraced the PDP, especially as our Governor, Godwin Obaseki, seems unusually very ‘un technocratic’ in dealing with this hellish phenomenon he certainly did not bargain for as part of his four – year mandate.
So as I stated, PDP would have been the natural choice.
But then, this is where the frustrations increase. How can people put out of their minds and behind them, the terrible economic atrocities of the 16 PDP years? Our people cannot reconcile their minds to the mind boggling sums looted in those PDP years of “share the money” philosophy.
They cannot forget PDP’s arrogance and profligacy in power and a general sense of conspiratorial waste of time and resources.
For instance, is it not the height of insults and arrogance on party faithful, who have laboured all these years, to declare a day old joiner of a party its national leader?
Anyway, the PDP had crossed the Rubicon of Nigerian’s tolerance level by throwing up charlatanism, when Nigeria needed men and minds to provide credible, confidence inspiring, and motivating opposition in these last three years. The only time it has now shown its face again, WHAT HAS IT DONE DIFFERENTLY?
Therefore the inevitable question to ask ourselves now is, where do we go from here?
This is where the third force comes in.
Let us join hands together in “ONE DESTINY” to let these failed leadership know that we intend to be taken seriously by us doing things differently on a different platform and be committed to what we do.
Let us stop all these follow – follow and ACT FOR ONCE! These people have neither you, nor the Nigerian State, at heart!
Our mumu don do!

Ojeikere is the Publicity Secretary of ADP in Edo State.

Author: News Editor

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