Senator Akpabio’s Message of Minimum Words but Maximum Wisdom; By Wole Arisekola

Senator Goodwill Akpabio is a leader from whose wealth of experience many people draw inspiration on a daily basis.
A lawyer with decades of experience, which he gracefully combines with vast political experience; when Senator Akpabio speaks, people listen wit rapt attention.
He is not likened to James Bond for nothing, his understanding of the political terrain is unrivaled.
Below are some of his words of wisdom:
“I did not join APC for my personal gain but to team up the Niger Delta people with their brothers in the centre”.
“We all know what ideal is. But we also know one makes the best of any situation, while not forgetting the ideal”.
“If you are a leader and you embark on a journey with your followers, you need to constantly look back to be sure whether the foot steps you are hearing mean they are following you or they are going back”.
“According to the Bible, God directed Samuel to anoint Saul as a king in Israel , but when King Saul fell out with God, He directed Samuel again to anoint David. Unknown to King Saul, he was no more a King. Saul continued to parade himself as a king with siren and his staff of office.”
What Akwa Ibom People always say about their great leader:
“Akpabio ajem mkpo ita”
Akpabio wants three things for the people of Akwa Ibom State
“Akpa mkpo ikom Abasi oh”
The First thing is to Thank God Always.
“Ajogho iba ebonoh ki ima”
The second thing is to live/stay in peace with everybody
“Ajogho ita, dia mkpo songho nnoh ajen uka mbak idi mkpa mmbiong”
The third thing is share/eat whatever you have with your brothers and sisters so they won’t die of hunger.

Author: News Editor

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