Opinion: Epistle to Nigerian Youth on 2019 General Elections: Don’t Be Discouraged; By John Abhuere

Fourth Epistle to Nigerian youth-Remain Patient, patriotic and loyal to the nation.
Like me, you woke up to learn the election scheduled for last Saturday has been postponed to 23rd February 2019 for logistic and operational reaons. Naturally rage, curse, disappointment and sad recollections fill the air. Don’t worry, don’t be discouraged. Just be patient, patriotic and loyal to the nation. It would soon be the appointed time to use your PVC to show your power as master king and employer of the political leaders and manager. It is still valid. It is not the first time election had been postponed but why so late in the day. Maintain your cool temper, for the elite just want to irritate and provoke you into negative participation. Let them know that you are set for positive engagement in line with the country: motto unity and faith, peace and progress.
It is such a pity that nothing good seems to matter much in our dear country. It didn’t matter that INEC once assured the nation that she was ready to go, that Mr President addressed the nation proclaiming the country’s readiness, and left Abuja for Katsina for last minute campaign and for the the election.
It didn’t matter that foreign and local observers were already in the field. And it didn’t matter that many had travelled for the exercise. Who will bear the cost? Monumental loss…Loss…Loss but if that is the price we have to pay and sacrifice we have to make for the survival of the the country, let it be.
Nigeria is bigger than you and I. The postponement casts much doubt on the the whole exercise and begins to lend credence to what some of us have dismissed as fake news. Now, there are grounds to fear or suspect a script in the work. There had been speculation about postponement of election, of plans for interim government. There had been signs – the killings in Kaduna, burning of INEC offices, catching of people with electoral materials, etc. Still don’t be afraid my dear Nigerian youth – they are only examples of the the dirty political game which our elite play with relish
Don’t cry for Nigeria, blame her elite who are specialists in negativity. Mr President must be embarrassed – which is one of the unintended consequences of the very belated postponement. It affords us the opportunity to engage in creative thinking and critical recollections and review. We recall some frightening reference to hyena and some other wild animals said to be at Aso rock.
We recall too the the constant reference to the cabal in government. The question is: are they at work? Who are we voting for next week: President Muhammadu Buhari, or former Vice President Atiku Abubakar or the ubiquitous cabal?
This is food for thought everybody, especially the young people. Take my love our dear youth and show patriotism in all you do.

Dr. Abhuere, wrote from Abuja

Author: News Editor

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