Opinion: National Youth Employment Agency and Appointment of Good Hands for National Development, Unity by Dr. John I. Abhuere

Dear sir, as usual Tatalo Alamu’s column of 12 May, 2019 in the The Nation newspaper on Sunday entitled ‘At Bay in Abuja’ of May 12, 2019, was a knock out piece. May God bless him and I here by commend the piece to the appropriate authority for digestion and action. I wish the authority could listen and do the needful.

I write to support the call for the establishment of National youth empowerment scheme and recruitment of best hands for development. It is long over due.

The Nigerian youth are restless making statements in various ways on all fronts through unconventional means and negative participation in society through armed robbery, violent militias, insurgency arson, ballot snatching,banditry, and hijacking, internet frauds etc.

The guns abound in the country. The boys who took my car at gun point in my compound in Benin were young people I could beat or overcome but as the great Zik of Africa once famously observed, only a fool argues with the man with a gun,so they went away with my car for ever.

When I beg them to leave me with the car that I bought it with my retirement benefit and served the youth all my life, one of them told me to tell the government to provide them with employment. That is a serious point and it makes me suspect that the car snatchers must be graduates.

In addition to skills, opportunities for gainful employment the empowerment programme must make conscious effort to do value reorientation and character education of the youth with emphasis on hard work, patriotism and nationalism. But without the right people to man the posts, nothing good comes Nigeria is a funny place without much love for country, where bitter politics dominates.

The winner winner takes all syndrome, excludes the use of the best in our national development efforts. It is major constraint,I will advise Mr. President to heed your advice on the need for him to adopt the Lancolnian departure approach which means searching all corners including the enemy’s compound for the best brains and most capable hands to help build the nation aright.

May God bless and help Nigeria to get things right this time.

*Dr. Abhuere is founder, Centre for Childcare and Youth Development, Abuja

Author: News Editor

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