Opinion: Edo 2020: The War Begins; By Osazua Ivbaze

In recent history, no electoral contest in Edo State has drawn so much acrimony, bitterness, confusion and recriminations as the one the State has been thrown into today.

Curiously, the ongoing war is not between APC, the ruling party and the PDP, the opposition Party. It is between APC and APC.It is a house in a bitter and acrimonious war against itself. There is an internal boil that is threatening to blow the party into pieces.Anti Oshiomole rhetorics is competing with anti Obaseki bile in social media.

How do you interpret the inauguration of 9 members out of the 24 members elect of the house of Assembly at 9:30pm yesterday in government house!To some of you, it is very wrong , while to some others, Obaseki has done the right thing.

Let’s face the truth. Obaseki and Shaibu have, in my reasoned opinion, merely proven to be intelligent students of “Oshiomole Academy of Politriics”Having understudied him all these years, what they did yesterday was to deploy some of the tactics they learnt under him in the battle of supremacy over who controls the structure of APC in Edo State.

I do not expect Oshiomole to be shocked because what is playing out is just a chapter lifted from his own methods— which he deployed effectively against his political enemies when he was governor.

For example, Obaseki and Shaibu watched him when he dethroned Z Garuba as Speaker of EDHA with a handful of shamelessly compromised members. They watched him when he caused a war in the Assembly leading to the emergence of Omokhodion as Speaker. They watched him when the Assembly was split into two, with his preferred side holding plenary in government house for close to a period of one year.

Furthermore, they listened, watched and studied him when he ceaselessly poured insults on Anenih, rained abuses on lgbinedion and arrogantly humiliated Ogbemudia.

They know he has no respect for elders and what political power means to him. They still remember that on several occasions, he beat his chest , proclaiming “I have retired the godfathers from politics “

So, they know the only way to confront and humble him is to deploy his own tactics and methods against whatever he is up to.It will be dangerous to underrate the extent Obaseki and Shaibu can go. Apart from the experience they have gathered all these years working under Oshiomole, they have the added advantage of education and academic credentials and intellectual war chest that if deployed could give them competitive edge.

If God is involved in this project and wants to prove Himself that power does not come from man,we should be prepared for surprises, never imagined.

For now, it is difficult to predict the outcome of this duel between Oshiomole and his students who have learnt a lot from him , and who are determined to surpass him, given the added advantage of their intellectual endowments.

Author: News Editor

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