Nigeria’s Quest to Recover Looted Assets, By Wole Arisekola

Kosalabaro: It’s difficult to recover Nigeria’s stolen money stashed abroad.

Okebadan: Who said it?.

Kosalabaro: Former United States’ Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. James Entwistle.

Okebadan: To who, when and where and please give me details before I take coffee with alum.

Kosalabaro: To Journalists in Lagos yesterday. He said getting the money back will take a long time. First of all, it takes forensic accounting work to figure out exactly what money is where; it is not an easy task. The second thing is (that) when we make cases and we take them to court, they can take a long time in the court. I believe the case involving the Abacha era; they are still working on it in the US. Therefore, the one thing that is absolutely crystal clear, however, as we said to Mr. President in Washington, is our intent and our willingness to work with this case. But even if they take time, even if we do not know the exact amount (of Nigeria’s looted funds) right now, will do everything we can to help with the cases.

Okebadan: Are you sure it is the same America that promised President Buhari that looted funds will be sent to Nigeria within 90 days?. Are you sure of this statement?.

Kosalabaro: The same America that promised Egypt, Libya, Iraq better life if they accepted America democracy and killed their leaders. May God expose all our enemies in friends’ garments. You need to do something urgently as a journalist.

Okebadan: When did you become a prayer warrior sef, you that we all know as General Overseer of the Sinners Chapel? If all of you were doing godly things, would you be seeing masquerades in your dreams? You want me to put my hands in the fire­place and draw the attention of everybody to myself by condemning the pro gay homosexual rights advocates? Have you no shame? If you had all done what you were sup­posed to do the way you were supposed to do them, we will not be needing this evil people? Look at your colour and check their impression about the black people in America how they treated them. Sandra Bland, Late Mr Brown in Ferguson and the massacres of black people in their church. Is that not amount to terrorism?.

A man carrying elephant on his head and looking for ants with his feet is a man whose priorities are not balanced. When a man who has a large boil on his forehead but prefers to concentrate on a small pimple is a man whose judgement you can’t trust. I am beginning to worry about how the things unfold in this country. It is not good news at all. Think and be wise and stop fooling yourself about America Greek gift. They are number one enemy of your country. We need to go back to church and rev up the prayers because we will be need­ing plenty of it in the days ahead.

Kosalabaro: I’m worried and developing high blood pressure and migraine now. I’m a Nigerian and I’m sure that very soon, Nigerians will be calling for the head of President Buhari over his promises, they will collectively dragged APC to Golgotha and nail them to any available tree.

Okebadan: Calm down. Many educated Nigerians are not blind folded with America fake promises, we know that they don’t mean well for us. We are enjoying two common grammars now, “order”,”probe”. PMB orders probe into this into that. And Americans our haters can go and hug transformer.

Author: News Editor

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