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Former President Obasanjo’s great actng skills!!.

Former President

That the former President and PDP Board of Trustees Chairman, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is never taken by sueprise is one thing many people discuss about him. He seems to have a ready answer in every situation.

Reading a book authored by his first wife has however revealed the secret. Apart from being a one time war commander, the former President’s acting prowess is sudh that can put him among the best in the make-believe world.


An excerpt from the book reads “Obasanjo is a curious subject…When he visited Ikeja Cantonment in January 2001 shortly after the bomb blast, he did not visit the family at GRA Ikeja nor phone to find out how we fared, knowing close we lived to the Cantonment! Obasanjo is complex and a master of the art of deception…. The former President is hardworking, strong-willed but short-tempered. He is self-opinionated. This has become worse nowadays. Unfortunately he does not forget nor does he forgive. That may be traced to the nature of his upbringing. The war affected Obasanjo as it did Adekunle.


Before the war, the former president, Obasanjo, the husband, was homely and fatherly. When I had Iyabo, he would tie her on his back and play with her about the yard. He was already a Lieutenant Colonel. After the Third Marine charge, he became temperamental and easily irritated….But when it is time for big time functions, Obasanjo plays the part. He would mix freely with dignitaries at home and abroad…He transforms easily as the situation dictates because he is very unpredictable. He is a great actor. He is also a good cook. He is bohemian and can be an exploiter”.


– Esther Oluremi Obasanjo, Bitter-Sweet – My Life With Obasanjo (Diamond Publications, 2008}



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