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Police Swoop On Suspected Oil Bunkerers In Ibadan


The quiet Akinola Maja Street in Jericho, GRA, Ibadan received unusual visitors on Monday afternoon as policemen from the State Headquarters, Eleyele swooped on the area. The well-armed policemen stormed the scene in about seven different pick up vans. The area was immediately cordoned off by policemen who stood guard at all entrances to the street.
In no time, the mission of the policemen became clear to those in the neighbourhood. They had been attracted by activities going on at Number 5, Akinola Maja Street, a high walled expanse of land. Though the land which is said to be about two acres is fenced round, the presence of fuel tankers around suggest that the place might be a tanker park. Some of those who spoke with our reporters disclosed that with the height of the fence, it is very difficult to tell what goes on inside, moreover, there is no signpost or anything to give any clue about the kind of business being undertaken behind the walls. All they know is that the tankers are always there. What however raises suspicion is that the area is reserved by the Government for residential purposes only; siting a trailer park there is therefore absurd.
Street Journal’s findings revealed that the area might have been carefully selected as some pipelines are believed to pass under the land being used as the park for fuel tankers. There are allegations that the owners of the land might have vandalised some of the pipelines from which petroleum products are allegedly being tapped for illicit sale.
The policemen divided themselves into batches for the operation. While some made sure that all the routes that entered the street were cordoned, another batch entered the yard and brought out all those inside. They included drivers and other workers. Some of them were reportedly taken to the Force Headquarters. When our reporter asked one of the senior officers that led the police team about the incident, he said it was “a routine”. Street Journal reporters noticed some of the workers who were not arrested by the police gathering at the gate and discussing the plight of their colleagues. None was however willing to comment on the issue. Eye witnesses told Street Journal that a journalist that came to the scene earlier was rough handled by the policemen before he was dispossessed of his camera, tape recorder and mobile phone.
The Acting PRO of the Oyo State Command could not be reached for comments as at the time of filing this report.

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