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How Ibadan Big Boy Broke Permanent Secretary’s Home


These are not the best of times for an Ijesa princess who is married to a Permanent Secretary in the Oyo State Civil Service as she has been thrown out of her matrimonial home. Street Journal’s investigations revealed that her adulterous affairs might have caused an irreparable damage to her marriage. The woman, a mother of four runs about three shops at the popular Oba Aleshinloye Market in Ibadan and she is by all standards an affluent businesswoman.  The smallest vehicle in her garage is a 2009 Honda Accord and she is a proud owner of a number of other vehicles including an SUV.

Apart from her good financial status, which her beauty complements, she is blessed with a good height, right curves in the right places and a dark glowing skin. The only minus which is attested to by her friends is that she seems to have an insatiable desire for sex. Some of them also confirmed that “with Princess, nobody’s husband is safe”. Within her circle of friends, it is an open secret that some friendships were broken because Princess slept with some of their husbands.

Her husband however happens to be a man of a cool and calm disposition. He hardly talks. Some of his wife’s friends can even swear that he has been “jazzed” by his wife. Having attained the peak of his civil service career, the man is known to take life easy.

Lekan, the other man involved too is well known within the social establishment in Ibadan and beyond. He knows those who matter and though he moves with much older friends, he calls most of them by name. He is said to be into estate consulting but not many people agree that he has a means of livelihood save for the fact that he sometimes arranges babes for a number of big men in town. The general opinion about him in Ibadan is that he lives off women.  He is a tall, dark, handsome well-built man and he complements all these with his superb dress sense. His dressing is known to earn him looks from women whenever he goes partying.

Investigations revealed that with the way he packages himself, no one would dispute his status as a rich man. He frequents top rated hangouts and being close to most of their owners, he can incur bills and pay up later. As such, when he gives women treats (most times on credit), they see the big man in him. He however has his way of milking them later. For instance, one of the vehicles he drives was reportedly bought for him by one of the women he “services”.

Street Journal also found out that his target includes widows, single mothers and even housewives as long as the woman is rich. One of his earliest victims was a lady who ran one of Ibadan’s biggest beauty salons in the early 1990s.

Those who know him well say whatever money he spends on a woman came from another woman.

Street Journal found out that his relationship with the rich and beautiful princess dates back to over a year and the have been having this sizzling hot romance in different locations that are far from the prying eyes of the public. Nobody seemed to know their love nest.

Trouble began for Princess when she got into a bitter fight with one of her friends who alleged that Princess was having an affair with her husband. It became an issue with their mutual friends trying to settle the rift, unsuccessfully though. Street Journal found out that it was that particular friend that blew the whistle on Princess. She reportedly spotted her and Lekan in her jeep driving towards an isolated location which she knew to be their normal “action spot”. After having observed them, she called the Permanent Secretary that his wife was somewhere with a lover and that if he was interested in catching her red handed, he should go to the location which she described.

Unfortunately for the lovebirds, their discussion in the air conditioned vehicle that evening led to kissing, smooching and by the time the real husband would arrive, clothes were already off and the action was on, they were almost reaching cloud seven.  After confirming from afar that it was his wife’s vehicle, he moved closer and even observed proceedings for some time. When he realised that they had not taken any notice of him, he knocked on one of the windows of the jeep. When the naked occupants of the vehicle paused to see who it was, he simply greeted them and went his way.

While Princess is out of her matrimonial home, the big boy too has gone into his shell at least for now. Some say it is as a result of the fear of the unknown. Though the feeling is that the Perm Sec is not the kind of man that would hurt anyone, but there might be some people willing to take the matter up on his behalf. Our friend seems  to have gone out of circulation as he now selects where he goes.

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