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“Abdulsalami Must Come To Court”, Al-Mustapha Insists


Major Hamza Al-Mustapha who is currently being tried in connection with the murder of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola has said that the former Head of State, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar should be made to appear in court.
The cross examination continued on Tuesday after the court had adjourned on Monday and the prosecution continued with its questions for the former Head of State’s Chief Security Officer.
One of the questions put to Major Al-Mustapha was whether he agreed that it was NADECO leaders who visited the Aso Rock Villa after Chief MKO Abiola died and not Yoruba leaders. The prosecution apparently based the question on the fact that Arthur Nwankwo was recognisable in the video tendered. Major Al Mustapha agreed as he answered “yes, it is correct sir”.
Lawal Pedro, SAN continued the prosecution’s onslaught by asking whether President Obasanjo at any point confirmed to Major Al-Mustapha “that Chief Bola Ige was appointed to induce Yoruba leaders”. The former Chief Security Officer however replied that having been part of the changes at the top, he was privileged to know. He however maintained that the late Chief Bola Ige was compensated for the roles he played.
When he was asked why he just brought up the allegation that Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was asked to eliminate him, Al-Mustapha answered that it was confirmed by the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria this morning an indication that he had earlier mentioned it. Describing himself as a man of peace, the embattled Major said he wished the former Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro could be summoned by the court. He also expressed a wish that former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar as well as the police officers who investigated the death of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola would be summoned. Speaking at the court, Al-Mustapha said “if Abdulsalami Abubakar cannot come to court or is bigger than any law, let that point be made publicly.”
The case was adjourned after positions were made on whether the statements made by Al-Mustapha before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission headed by Justice Chukwudifu Oputa would be admissible in court. The court adjourned till Wednesday, 10th, August, 2011.

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