Fashion Mistakes And How To Rectify Them


At about 4:30pm on a Friday, very typical of my friend Dupe to call to find out if I’d be interested in either hanging out, going clubbing, going for a fashion show or something of that sort. Just like every other lady who wants to steal the show or be the girl every good-looking responsible guy would drool over by merely looking at, and as they say “first impressions last” the first thing that comes to the mind is “what will I wear?”.

The quest begins, looking through my closet, turning it upside down; in fact I don’t even bother arranging it back till the weekend is over. Finally, I try on numerous outfits including underwear just to make sure it doesn’t affect the look of my outfit. Right after I find a suitable one do I begin to ask anyone around for their opinion – HOT or NOT?? Yea or Nay? This is the most difficult aspect of getting dressed owing to diverse opinions of different people.

Well, I had to call her back to give excuses that I wouldn’t be able to make it and I eventually took a rain check…but within myself I gave up due to indecision.

It suffices to say here that we actually make the “littlest” and “silliest” mistakes in deciding what or what not to wear… To mention a few;

Most of us would agree that when we go with other people’s opinions, which sometimes are contrary to ours, we DO NOT feel comfortable when we go out. This is the utmost mistake we make and this is how to rectify it- you must feel comfortable in what you are wearing before stepping out or else you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable and actually stepping out as someone else and not yourself.


Another is unpardonable mistake is wearing what does not suit our body shapes. Please ladies, not everything you see on Kim Kardashian or Rita Dominic will suit you. Its okay to “copy” their style but make sure it works with your body shape. If you’re on the big side, minis are a “no no”. You can still be big, stunning & very beautiful. You do not have to be a size 8, or even now that 12’s are sexy, to be the hottest lady at a party. Please, wear what suits your body shape, you won’t just look stunning but also feel confident. And trust me people can see through you. We all love confident women, don’t we?

Also, you don’t always have to follow the trend. You can be a trendsetter by creating your own style by wearing what you’re most comfortable in.


Furthermore, when buying your clothes, always remember; firstly, the designer did not see you before making the clothes, they would not always fit “perfectly”. Secondly, do not settle for less, remember that you’re paying for it hence you deserve the very best from your money (even if it’s free!). Thirdly, don’t buy tight clothes with the hope that you’ll lose weight. If u can’t find your size, buy a size bigger provided it fits the biggest part of your body. That way you can always get a good tailor to take it in for you to your perfect size and re-adjust in the future if you gain a few pounds.

Again, you can never go wrong with at least 4 pairs of jeans; the black jeans, deep blue, white pants, and a lighter shade of blue jeans. These four go with any pattern of tops and I am sure we all have that one pair we put on almost all the time. Well I do, and trust me on this it’s very much allowed, rock it as much as u like.


I personally do not believe in “one size fits all”! It does not; really it fits one size better than the other. I’m sure you’ve heard this several times, no pattern on pattern, please!

This season, colour blocking is very much allowed, but be sure to have the lighter shade as the top and the darker as the bottom to produce more flattering figures.

Please ladies, it’s not cool to buy fake bags or “1st grade bags” all in the name of “rocking” the latest designer. Sometime ago, a friend of mine bought a Hermes Birkin for 50,000 NAIRA equivalent to about 330 dollars. I’m sure Thierry Hermes is not aware of its existence. With that amount you can get a classy and chick bag from Zara, River Island or even dune; all 3 for that price and you’ll still get that feeling as though you’re carrying a designer bag. It is not by force, is it?

Furthermore, if you’re going to expose your boobies be careful to cover your thighs. Please leave the fellas curious and, you know, keep them wanting more.

Another is the make-up issue; ladies, be very careful! No matter what you’re wearing or how stunning you look in your limited edition Herve Leger number, bad make-up will ruin your entire look! When you’re wearing red lipstick, ensure that your eye-shadow is not loud or no eye-shadow at all, you can work with really good eye-liner which gives that extra classy look. Some professional make-ups are as affordable as 3000 naira only. Better safe than sorry!



Also Ladies, underwear is “under” wear, be sure to keep those bra straps and thongs “under”. For those of us who like full panties or granny pants, please be sure to conceal your panty lines. We don’t want no VPL – Visible Panty Lines = Tacky + Huge Turn-Off!!


Chipped paints are a turn off and they just make you look unkempt.  Invest in nail polish removers and at least one colour of paint just in case the need arises


BE CAREFUL OF BODY ODOUR!!!! use your deodorant or spray and if you can afford it body splash and perfumes will do no harm!


SHAVE/WAX YOUR ARMPITS! You don’t want to wear an armless with hair sticking out from your arm. Whether you decide to shave the hair “down there” or not is up to you


Finally, before stepping out draw the curtains and take a look at the mirror with the sunlight refection just to make sure, for indoor lights can be very deceitful.

– Omolara Animashaun

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