Obasanjo Vs IBB: Who Blinks First?


I don’t know why the press keeps giving Babangida unnecessary audience. For all I know, he can never be compared to Obasanjo in anyway. He is not in the same class with Obasanjo. He has nothing to show for his eight years as a military ruler and as a monstrous dictator. Can someone point to me any meaningful achievement recorded by Babangida other than the mess he created? If the senate, who I know are self-serving and self-centred, are probing the government of Obasanjo, we all know why. We know where it is coming from and this is where I see the myopic views of several people that have commented on this issue so far. Babangida is angry, why? No guessing, he is furious that Obasanjo did not hand over the mantle of power to him. He is venting his anger or ranting that Obasanjo in several ways blocked him from becoming a civilian President to ruin Nigeria once more. That, to me is the crux of the matter. If at all, Obasanjo described Babaginda as a fool, he actually is because he is someone who should have long buried his face in shame for the many sufferings caused Nigerians but because it is Nigeria and many Nigerians are just too gullible and forgetful, he has not ceased from his rhetoric. It is high time, Babaginda shuts up and if he cannot shut up, he will continue to be a lousy fool! It is also high time; our press concentrate in reporting issues of importance that are meaningful to the generality of Nigerians. To the blind Nigerians, because seeing you cannot see, Obasanjo has set the pace for the economy, political, social and infrastructural growth of Nigeria once again. To the deaf, hear it loud and clear, Obasanjo remains the best President Nigeria ever had. To the lame, even if you cannot walk, you can see and hear, Obasanjo did try to salvage years of caterpillars and locust To the wise, I say continue to be wise and never yield yourself to the antics of the fools. To the fools, if you fail to have a change of heart, you shall drown in your imagination. Never again can we be deceived by the antics of the likes of Babangida and the so called regional leaders. Let us allow Nigeria, a real and fervent change it desires setting aside ethnic and religious bigotry.

Let’s face it, IBB is not worth any Nigerians response. So I don’t think it is appropriate for me to write anything concerning the man because of the obvious incalculable damage he wrecked on Nigeria and Nigerians. But suffice me to say this, OBJ whether some of us admit it or not did more than enough to better the lot of Nigerians during his 8 years rule. Even the blind and the deaf can attest to that except you want to be mischievous or plain naive. GSM for one is credit to him whichever way you look at it. I was one of OBJ’s greatest critics but after someone showed me facts of the simple sabotage of the Yaradua regime to give OBJ a bad name in the power sector. I realised how wicked some of our people could be just to rubbish someone’s hard work to make life for ordinary Nigerians better. I also realised how the Vice President could just be “bobo” to a President who has been hijacked by some forces.

Every intelligent Nigerian knows that Babangida indeed is a big fool at 70. It is not strange for me to hear Obasanjo say this. How can you compare good governance during Obasanjo to insane leadership under Babangida?? it is only a fool like Babangida who would agree with him and his nonsense.

Obasanjo paid off national debt and left huge billions of dollars in reserve while Babangida stole all resources in the coffers before running out of office. He bridged the gap between the poor and rich by making GSM communication affordable and reachable in any corner of Nigeria.

Really; Babangida is frustrated and has lost sight of modern realities as he sees himself now as unfit, socially and rejected in the social and political circle of Nigeria.

Look at his dirty work against the PDP during the last presidential election where he was canvassing for votes for CPC against his own party, that senseless act alone has vindicated Obasanjo’s latest comments on Babangida, in fact Babangida is that real and big fool at 70, his recent birthday party was indeed birthday party of FOOLS.

Babangida, should ask God for forgiveness and go into his home and hide himself forever because his sins will never go out of the mind and souls of Nigerians.

If not Obasanjo, i wonder what Nigeria would be like today; he came into power as a repairer of damages caused on Nigeria for 38 years by the north, more especially by Babangida.

Babangida to me is being haunted by nemesis and blood of innocent men and women he killed during his era and it will never be a surprise to hear him in the nearest future picking issues with people because he is now under the influence and control of destructive demons systematically and gradually torturing him into extinction and ultimate surrender.

Babangida, Fool At 70 indeed. That is the best way to qualify and describe you.

God bless Nigeria

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