If A Man Has Sex With His Wife Without Her Consent, It Is Rape


The Street journal Magazine is calling on the National Assembly to try and accommodate the plight of Nigerian women in the hands of their husbands in the amendment of the Nigerian constitution. These women in question are sexually abused by their husbands and because the constitution does not see it as rape such crime is ignored. “In Nigeria criminal law definition of rape does not cover the husband. It only states that if there is any sexual intercourse without consent.
Therefore in Nigeria a man cannot rape his wife.”
There is an urgent need especially in Nigeria where men are mostly polygamous in and the women opt to face their lives and kids. The economic situation has so occupied our women who are running around to provide for their kids to have time to be having sex with their husbands. For instance a case where a woman who had five children and her husband who refused to go for family planning will descend on the wife and rape her after having soaked himself in alcohol.

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