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Ghaddafi’s Loyalists Sighted In Katsina State


While Nigeria’s security agencies are still trying to find a lasting solution to the inadequacies exposed by the terror unleashed by the Boko Haram sect, Street Journal’s findings have revealed that some of the loyalists of ousted Libyan leader, Muammar Ghaddafi have been sighted in parts of Katsina State in the northern part of Nigeria. Street Journal gathered that contrary to the notion that the Libyan convoy of about 200 vehicles that entered Niger Republic days ago was heading to Burkina Faso, Street Journal gathered that some suspected members of the well equipped forces of the ousted Libyan leader have entered into Nigeria.

The influx of Ghadaffi’s men into Nigeria might not be without dire consequences especially with the security challenges that Nigeria’s security agencies are trying to cope with. While speaking in May, 2010, Ghadaffi the self professed “King of Kings in Africa” opined that for Nigeria to solve all its ethnic issues, it should split into four.  He suggested that the country should be broken along ethnic lines.

Analysts have also opined that if Ghadaffi is not apprehended soon, he might finance a rebel group as his forces might start up a training camp for willing dissatisfied Nigerians around there just to foment trouble for the giants of Africa, especially with the Nigerian Government’s professed support for the Transitional Council in Libya . Street Journal’s investigations have also revealed that financing groups against governments might not be a new trade to the former Libyan leader. Street Journal gathered that just like Sierra Leone’s Fodey Sankoh and Liberia’s Charles Taylor, Mujahid Asari Dokubo had links with Ghaddafi. It was found out that the leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force enjoyed support from Libya and that the motive for the support was to start a guerrilla war against perceived enemies of the Niger Delta. There have been insinuations that apart from other forms of logistic support, Asari’s men probably got their arms and ammunitions via Libya. Earlier in the year, Asari Dokubo held a pro-Ghadaffi rally in Port Harcourt.

Street Journal had also reported some months ago that the very first NATO strike disrupted Ghadaffi’s plans of giving monetary aid to the Congress for Progressive Change as support towards its electioneering campaign.

Nigeria has been facing violence along political, ethnic and religious lines for some time giving rise to speculations that a postulation by the United States that the country might break up by 2015 might come to pass after all.

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