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Man Dies Robbing Dead Body!


A young man suspected to be a grave robber met his waterloo in Kazaure town, Jigawa State on Saturday while trying to steal from a grave in which a corpse was interred about an hour earlier. Street Journal gathered that the suspected grave robber was part of the funeral procession for a man who died as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident. He however went back to the graveyard not long after. He was believed to have gone there with the intention of stealing from the dead body.
Street Journal gathered from those at the scene that some people around the cemetery raised alarm after they heard a loud shout from the graveyard and then saw legs flying in the air on a grave. They also disclosed that by the time they got there, all they could see was a man’s body with the head inside the grave while his legs were in the air.
Though some claimed that the man acted is if a force pulled him into the grave, some of those there said it was not unlikely that the man was trying to exhume the dead body and in the process, the sand he had dug up gave way causing his fatal fall.
The suspected grave robber’s body was later taken to the morgue by men of the Nigerian Police Force.

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