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Revealed: How Libyan Rebels Rape Nigerian Women!


Sources in Libya have disclosed that sunset is a bad time for women in the refugee camp for black Africans in Janzour, a town six miles west of Tripoli.

The occupants of the camp disclosed that it has become a normal occurrence for the rebels around the camp to start shooting once it is dark. As soon as the shooting starts, they run into the camp and you hear them shouting “gabbour, gabbour”, the Arabic word for whore as they drag young women away from the camp. As soon as the rebels enter the camp in their vehicles, the refugees scatter.

Describing the daily hunt for women in the camp, a Nigerian woman said “you should be here in the evening; they just come in and carry people. They don’t use condoms; they use whatever they can find.” She disclosed that at times, nylon bags are used in place of condoms.

Unfortunately, there is no record to indicate how many women have been raped in the camp since it happens on a daily basis. It has also been observed that there are no records of statistics in the camp while foreign aid workers confirmed that they are prohibited from discussing the allegations on the record. Members of the International Red Cross also disclosed that the only things they have spoken to rebel leaders about are “security concerns.”

Living conditions in the Janzour camp are deplorable as the refugees depend mostly on sea water. Some have not had their bath in days.

Street Journal has been informed that the sexual abuse issue is all over Libya as blacks are at the receiving end of abuse based on allegations that deposed leader, Muammar al Ghadaffi hired blacks as mercenaries.

The Nigerian Government has decried the abuse on blacks by the rebels.

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