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Nigerian Businessman Jailed In Ghana For Heroin Trafficking


A Nigerian businessman, Oguntoyinbo, Stephen Oyefemi has earned himself a 10-year jail term in Ghana for trafficking in heroin. His sentence was pronounced on Tuesday by an Accra High Court after he had been charged with attempted exportation and possession of narcotic drugs without lawful authority. He pleaded guilty to the charges.
According to Asiamah Sampong, the Principal State Attorney (PSA), Oyefemi was arrested at the departure hall of Kotoko International Airport (KIA) by Narcotic Control Board (NACOB) operatives. He disclosed that while the Nigerian was going through departure formalities, he was accosted by the NACOB operatives on suspicion that he was carrying narcotic drugs.
Sampong also told the court that Oyefemi, who was due to board a flight to Washington DC, was taken through the body scanner at KIA and the results showed that he had foreign materials in his stomach. He said Oyefemi was therefore put under surveillance for 24 hours and he expelled 90 pellets of heroine.
When he was interrogated, Oyefemi told the NCOB operatives that he was transporting the drugs for a fee of  N 2.8 million to an unknown person in Washington DC and that sometimes he sold some of the drugs at Washington DC.
Analytical examinations conducted by the Narcotics Control Board showed that pellets excreted by Oyefemi contained heroin.

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