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“Aloota Continua”: How Gov’t Officials’ Families & Friends Loot Nigeria Blind Via Unconstitutional Offices!


An associate of the Governor of Ogun State is currently in the middle of a brewing storm, no thanks to his complementary card which arrogates to him the office of the “Friend of the Governor”. Only a few Nigerians will claim ignorance of the fact that Nigeria’s public office holders make use of fronts in the process of milking the nation dry. Such fronts are the ones that launder funds for the office holders.

While some are discreet about the relationship between them and such fronts men, the crude and brazen manners in which such fronts flaunt their relationships with public office holders often give them away.

Looting public treasuries may not be peculiar to Nigeria, but the impunity with which it is perpetrated in Africa’s most populous nation has made it worrisome even to foreign governments.

One of the avenues exploited by those who fleece the nation is through the creation of unconstitutional offices. Many offices thrive and spend Government money without constitutional backings. Not a few Nigerians have asked how the Office of the First Lady is funded when it is never mentioned in the annual budget, same for the offices of the wives of the 36 Executive Governors, all of who have pet projects.

It has also been alleged that wives of Local Government Chairmen too receive allocations from the purse of the councils run by their husbands.

Some years back, though the Office of the First Daughter never existed in the real sense of it, information leaked that bulk of the supply of the yellowish, pungent smelling fuel that was imported into the country then came off a contract awarded to one of the daughters of the then Military Head of State.

As at then too, while the Head of State lived as a recluse within the confines of the Aso Rock Villa, there were some people with special privileges who were allowed to see the Commander-in-Chief even at very short notice.

When the country returned to democratic rule, the change of baton brought about a new set of power brokers. Chief Oyewole Fasawe was one of the most revered people in the Villa then, due to the chummy relationship he had with the Presidency. At any point in time then, his residence in Owo, Ondo State had at least eight mobile policemen on guard on a permanent basis. He was officially addressed as the “Friend of the President” and he had business cards that supported the status. All that however changed in one day when his “friend”, Chief Obasanjo decided he no longer wanted to see him in the Presidential Villa.

Ogun State now has its own version in the “Office of the friend of the Governor” presently occupied by Prince Ade Adesanya.

Though the Sagamu prince is pleasant by nature, one thing that many Ogun indigenes have spoken about is the lousy attitude of the Prince . His complimentary card bearing the coat of arms, describing him as “Friend of the Governor” of Ogun State has started generating controversies. Steeet Journal’s investigations revealed that Prince Adesanya who is in his late 50s is actually a Political Adviser to Governor Amosun and he sometimes takes upon himself to represent the Governor at functions. For instance, at the 75th birthday celebration hosted by Prince Tajudeen Olusi in Lagos in December, 2011, Adesanya was introduced as the representative of the Ogun State Governor.

Street Journal\s investigations revealed that Governor Amosun and Prince Adesanya’s wife were mates at the African Church Grammar School, Abeokuta and that was how they got to know each other.


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