Nigerian Professor’s Homosexual Son Becomes Woman In Spain!


Many who knew Dapo Adaralegbe in the late 1990s and early 2000s in Obafemi  Awolowo University have been wondering over what might have become of him. He was well known to be a homosexual back then on campus. He never dressed as a male and most girls on campus agreed that he was an expert in the use of cosmetics. Though his father was a Professor in Obafemi Awolowo University, Dapo was expelled from the university in 2001 over his identity crisis as most of his lecturers could not stand a male student in the Faculty of Law wearing make up and coming to class in mini skirts and other female outfits. He could have passed unnoticed but his weird styles often attracted attention to him. His braids usually reached his backside and when he chose to wear weave on, they were odd colours thus earning him second and third looks.

Back then, to prevent suspicion about his gender, he called himself Dade and not a few unsuspecting guys have asked him out only to later find out his true identity. He was once beaten up by a guy who had taken him out and thought he had a babe for the night. Trouble however started when they got to the university Guest House and the guy discovered that he had carried a homosexual. What he had in place of boobs were foam pads.

Things turned out bad for Dade as he had issues with his dad and at appoint he was sleeping around Faculty buildings. Later he disappeared from Ife after which he was spotted around Ogundana

The transformation of Dapo Adaralegbe

Street, off Allen Avenue in Lagos. By that time, he had become known all over the street. Guys who mistook him for a lady because of his baby curls were usually called back and warned by neighbours.

Street Journal has however found out that things have taken a new turn for Dapo as he has relocated and now lives as a woman in Spain where he has also taken a new name, Stephanie.



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