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Apagun Olumide, Gbenga Daniel’s Man Dies In Lake: Homicide Suspected


The Chairman of the Abeokuta Golf Resort and Apagun of Egbaland, Chief Oluwole Olumide has been reported dead. Abeokuta sources disclosed that he was found dead in the lake of his Golf Club in Abeokuta on Friday evening. The deceased was known to be one of the closest allies of the former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel.

It is already being speculated that Apagun Olumide, adjudged to be one of the most influential men in Abeokuta might have committed suicide in view of the trouble facing him from different angles. He was mentioned as one of the beneficiaries of the corrupt actions of the Gbenga Daniel administration by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), he was detained by the commission and released last week. Street Journal also gathered that more recently, Apagun had been at the receiving end of land and property seizure by the Amosun administration that now Governs Ogun State. The ownership of the land on which the Abeokuta Golf Club was built has also been a matter of controversy as some members of the club had dragged Olumide to the  State Judicial Commission of Enquiry on Land Matters. They stated that the Ogun State Government under Otunba Gbenga Daniel had given the club an expanse of land measuring 79 hectares for public use. They however alleged that Apagun Olumide registered the club in the name of his business and that the C of O was issued to suit his personal interest. Street Journal has however gathered that Apagun has lost a lot of properties to the revocation of some C of Os of properties acquired illegally; his Golf Club has thus become Government property, same for the hotel he was rumoured to have built in conjunction with Otunba Gbenga Daniel. He also served as Chief Consultant to the Government on some projects during the days of the Daniel administration.

There are insinuations that the late chief might have chosen to end his life because of the loss of almost all what he has laboured over for years. An account says he asked his driver to wait for him at a roadside while he followed a bushpath. After waiting for about an hour, the driver raised alarm and a search began.

Feelers from the Daniel camp have however pointed in the direction that there is more to the suicide tale flying around town as Apagun would have no reason to commit suicide thus insinuating that it might have been a hit.

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