Ondo Governorship Aspirant In Messy Adultery Scandal!


Wale Akinterinwa, Ondo State’s former Commissioner for Finance and Action Congress governorship aspirant is presently at the centre of an adultery and divorce scandal. Akinterinwa who resigned from Governor Mimikos’s cabinet in 2009 has been named as the co-respondent in a divorce suit instituted at the Oyo State High Court, Ibadan by Williams Williams Rotimi Fadoju. He has been joined as a party in the suit number I/1093HD/11 with the petitioner’s wife as the respondent.

Fadoju is seeking the dissolution of his 19-year old marriage to Omolara Oyeronke Fadoju.(nee Adekeye).  According to a petition filed at the High Court, Ibadan and dated 30th November, 2011 by Fadoju, he finds it intolerable to continue living with his wife after having discovered her adulterous ways.

Rotimi and Omolara Fadoju got married at the Southwark Registry in Peckham, England on 11th February, 1993 after Omolara’s previous marriage to one Wale Macaulay had been dissolved earlier on in the same year.

According to the petition filed by Rotimi Fadoju, “the marriage started having problems at the instance of the respondent immediately after the birth of the first child of the marriage in 1995.

The respondent decided to prepare the petitioner’s meals only when she desired to and would rain invectives on the petitioner if he questioned the respondent’s failure, refusal or neglect to prepare his meals.”

Mr. Fadoju also stated that his wife developed the habit of nagging at him even in the presence of visitors, neighbours and at times visiting relations. He further averred that initially, love making between him and his wife became infrequent and very far in between, and always at his wife’s convenience. He however pointed out that since November 2010; he has been denied his conjugal rights by his wife who turns down his sexual advances. He disclosed that sexual intercourse has totally ceased between them and the marriage is no longer consummated since there is no longer intimacy through sexual intercourse.

Fadoju disclosed in his petition that in 2006, he started to suspect that his wife was having extra-marital affairs. He stated that his suspicions were confirmed through personal investigation in 2007 that his wife was having an extra-marital affair with one Wale Akinterinwa (the co-respondent) of Awoseyi Street, near Gboluyi Guest House, Ile Oluji, Ondo State, a staunch member of the Labour Party and former Commissioner for Finance in Ondo State but now decamped to the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

Fadoju disclosed that when he confronted his wife with his findings, she denied ever knowing anyone by the name Wale Akinterinwa, let alone having an extra-marital affair with him. Three days later however, Fadoju stumbled on a white mug with the following inscription on it:

“Pa Moses Akinterinwa

Died on 18th January, 2007

Buried on 2nd March, 2007

May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Courtesy: Ronke Fadoju and Desola Adekeye”


Mr Fadoju further stated that contrary to denial or knowledge of any relationship with anyone by the name Wale Akinterinwa, she had, exactly a week before the denial, attended the burial ceremony of the co-respondent’s late father and had co-sponsored (with the go between in her act of infidelity i.e Desola Adekeye) the production and distribution to the buri al guests, a number of gift items which included the above mentioned mug. Fadoju has promised to tender the mug in evidence at the trial.

The petitioner also disclosed that sometime in April, 2007, he discovered a number of text messages exchanged between his wife (through her mobile phone number 08035749290) and Mr. Akinterinwa (through his mobile phone number 08033062131) many of which were composed in abbreviated and shortened words, through which amorous and extra-marital text love messages were exchanged.  The messages are hereafter reproduced:

i)        On 09/ 12/2007 the respondent sent the following to the co-respondent: As d day of hope approaches, when d Lord will save d weak and hepplez 1’s, nd give glory 2 dose who av bin mocked. On dat day, d Lord will give u a name of distictn among d nations of d earth. U will praise d Lord when He restores ur fortune b4 ur eyes according 2 d voice of d Lord. Zeph 3: 19-20. Mrn Luv, takia nd stay blezed. Can’t stop missing you.

ii)      On the same date, the respondent sent the following to the co-respondent:

I’m looking for a word,

I’m looking for a whole new word,

I’m looking for a whole new word,

I’m looking for a word that nobody knows and feel,

I’m looking for a word that says I luv u….

Nd that you are the best thing that ever happen to me


iii)    On 12/12/2007 at 5: 00 am, the co-respondent sent a technologically designed puppy with the accompanying text to the respondent thus: “Am sending you this puppy to keep you company and to bite you if you forget to think about me, good morning Love”

iv)    On 12/12/2007 at 5:00 am, the respondent sent the following to the Co-respondent: “On dis 12th day of d 12th mth, d Lord God who prosper Isaac will prosper u nd make u d envy of odas, 4 he will take u 2 ur Rehoboth, where he has made room 4 u and shall make u fruitful, u will abound, increase nd flourish cos d harvest time of ur blezins is here IJN. Goodmorning, and HAPPY B’DAY dearest heart, long lyf nd prosperity. Bet u tot I’d 4gotten.”

v)      On 28/1/2008, the Respondent sent the following to the co-respondent: “Woteva steps u take dis wk in faith, may u encounter d Lord’s beauty n glory, 4 God can perfect in 1 min wot will take a man 50 yrs. Henceforth may d many promises of God find dere ans in xt thru u nd 4 dis reason u shall say amen 2 d glory of God, 2 Cor 1 vs 20. How r u dearest heart? Sweet dreams.”

vi)    On 28/1/2008 at 6:10 am, the Co-Respondent sent to the Respondent the following: “If you need a FUCK, do not hesitate to call me because am a good FUCK.”

vii)  On 29/01/2008 at 5:00am, the Respondent sent to the Co-Respondent the following: “2day, may u hav an encounter with God such as dat of Isaiah nd go on a ride in 2 d city of heavenly revelations. When u return, every 1 know know u hav just arrived 4 ur arrival will be preceded by abundant grace, glory nd energy IJN. Gdmrn dearest heart, miz u nd need you.”

viii)            On 30/01/2008 at 5:00am, the Respondent sent the Co-Respondent the following: “Msg 4 u, Gdmurn son dis is God! I will be handling all ur problems, anxieties etc 2day. I will not need ur help so av a gud day, Gdmrn dearest heart, I LOVE U.”

ix)          On the same 30/ 01/2008 at 6:00 am, the Co-Respondent sent the following to the Respondent: “Bowun Aresa ko jiire I don’t care. Bowun Orangun Ila ko jiire ABUSEABUSE. Aa jiire bi OLOLUFE? Eni a san e si owo, omo, Alaafia. Riri se e oni duro loruko Jesu.” (Meaning: if Aresa wishes, he may wake in peace, I care not. If it pleases Orangun Ila, he may rise in peace. May today bring you peace and prosperity, your prosperity shall not cease in Jesus’ name.).

x)      On 4/2/2008 at 4:45 am, the Respondent sent the following to the Co-Respondent while the Respondent was at Ile Oluji in Ondo State ostensibly on a visit to her father’s house: “Woke up now nd realised dat ave learnt 2 be patient, humble, hardworking, friendly, loyal, honest and optimistic. But I’m afraid ave still not learnt how 2 stop LUVIN or missing u. Am missing u Badly, Gdmrn, takia nd stay blessed LUV.”


Mr. Fadoju also stated in the petition that despite all the facts stated above, he attended the burial ceremony of his wife’s grandfather in Ile Oluji in Ondo State on the 6th day of December 2008 and while there, he caught his wife and Mr Akinterinwa chatting and hugging at the North gate to the venue. Mr. Fadoju disclosed that he interrupted the rendezvous after which Akinterinwa hurriedly left the venue to mobilize political thugs, hoodlums and miscreants numbering about twenty who unleashed serious attack and mayhem on him.

Fadoju disclosed that he was thoroughly beaten by the thugs who also vandalized the musical instruments of juju musician, Admiral Dele Abiodun thus bringing the party to an abrupt end.

The petitioner averred that the news of the injury inflicted on him spread to Ondo Town, bringing him to shame, ridicule and disrepute. He also disclosed that since the day he was attacked, he could no longer attend any social gathering in Ile Oluji and even Ondo Twon for fear of a repeat occurrence.

Fadoju also stated in the petition that since the fight between him and Akintrerinwa and his cohorts, his wife has increased her intolerable manners against him.

Fadoju also alleged that despite his wife’s refusal to have sexual intercourse with him without the use of condom, she went without his knowledge or consent to a medical doctor at the request of the co-respondent and inserted coil in her private part to prevent her from getting pregnant.

Fadoju is praying the court to dissolve the marriage between him and his wife on the ground that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

Another ground on which he is seeking the dissolution of the marriage is that his wife has committed adultery with several people including Wale Akinterinwa of Awoseyi Street, near Gboluyi Street He is also seeking an order of the court granting the custody of the children to him.

Though the case has been adjourned twice due to the absence of the trial judge, Justice Bolajoko Adeniji, the next hearing has however been fixed for March, 21.

Street Journal’s investigation also revealed that the former Finance Commissioner had earlier been linked with the crumbling of one marriage. Then it was alleged that a certain lady, Yetunde Abdul had issues with her husband who had noticed that Akinterinwa was always sending her text messages very early in the morning. It was gathered that the marriage eventually packed up.

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