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Police Road Block Withdrawal: Exotic Cars Desert Lagos-Ibadan Expressway


A survey carried out by Street Journal has revealed that owners of posh automobiles have become wary of the Lagos-Ibadan express road, no thanks to the order of the Acting Inspector General of Police, MD Abubakar that all police check points should be done away with.

While the removal of the countless road blocks is seen as a blessing by some motorists, others believe it will not be without consequences which might turn out unpalatable. Traffic has been flowing freely since the removal, thus making many motorists conclude that the policemen on the road might have been responsible for a high percentage of the traffic congestion that had become a normal occurrence on the road. To most commercial motorists, that policemen are off the roads is good news because at every stop, they are coerced into paying “tolls”. A commercial driver disclosed to Street Journal that while the regular policemen collect N 20, mobile policemen at times insist on double while the men of the Highway Patrol collect N 100.

While commercial drivers find it exciting to drive the 120-kilometre stretch of road from Lagos to Ibadan without meeting a single police “check point”,some people have expressed concern that the withdrawal of police check points might serve as an open invitation to armed bandits who might use the opportunity to operate freely on the road.

A survey carried out by Street Journal reporters revealed that the number of exotic cars driving on the road at certain times of the day has dropped significantly. The reports sent in by Street Journal correspondents on the road showed that from morning till around 4.30 pm, the flow is normal and almost every brand of auto-mobile can be seen but from 5 pm, there  is usually a sharp drop in the population of posh cars that travel on the road thus giving an indication that motorists might have decided to shun the road.

Many of the motorists plying the road cited the fear of the armed robbers as the reason why posh cars are scanty towards the evening. Most people are still unsure of how secured the road is without the regular road blocks which were usually seen about ten minutes away from one another.



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