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Revealed: How Nigeria’s Prominent Businessmen Recruit Homosexual Partners!


Though the Nigerian Senate made a legislation outlawing gay marriage and homosexuality, the law has not in any way reduced or hindered the practice of homosexuality. Street Journal’s investigations revealed that it will be quite difficult to prosecute gays in Nigeria because of the calibre of people involved. The practice of homosexuality has taken root in the Nigerian system and it cuts across all cadres and sectors as there are homosexuals even in the topmost echelon.

The Senate defied pressures from within and outside the country to pass the bill. Street Journal gathered that some highly placed individuals including a former Nigerian leader have been fingered as being involved at one time or the other. A former number 2 man of the country too was once named as one of the most influential members of the gay society in Nigeria. He is said to have a preference for handsome young men. One of his partners from the east rose fast above his mates just within a few months of meeting the former second-in-command. Benefits of his own side of the relationship included a house in Abuja and a brand new Volkswagen Passat.

A former Southern Governor too was named as one of the practitioners. Before he became Governor 12 years ago, most of those who new him closely had attributed his business success to his links with big shots from the north. Investigations however revealed that most of the contacts were made from offering his backside to “business partners”, especially those from the north.

Street Journal also found out that unlike in the Western world where people who profess to be gay are proud of their sexual preference and stick by them, majority of those in Nigeria are bisexual with most of them well married, some with good wives and children. This has led to insinuations that a lot of homosexuals got into the act for wealth, spiritual power or fame in some cases.

Though it is widely believed that homosexuality thrives more in the northern part f Nigeria than anywhere else, the scourge has taken root in every region of the country and no sector is immune; not even the religious sector. The only noticeable difference is that it seems to have a more organised system in the North.

A church was razed down some years ago around Mafoluku in Lagos after one of the aides of the Pastor of the church came up with allegations that he was the Pastor’s sexual partner. Most of those in the neighbourhood knew that the church started small about three years before the incident. The young aide of the Pastor however disclosed that after the Pastor started the affair with him, the church started growing and it started gaining more followership. He disclosed that each sexual bout with the Pastor which normally happened at three days interval earned him handsome rewards.

He however chose to make noise about the affair when he discovered some charms in the wardrobe of the “man of God”. He also claimed to have noticed that after each sexual encounter, huge sums of money would surface in the Pastor’s wardrobe. Those discoveries made him conclude that he was being used for a ritual. The Pastor eventually fled the area after the church was destroyed by an irate mob.

A more recent one is the gay Pastor that fled abroad after the Senate passed the anti-gay marriage bill. Rowland Jide Macaulay is the Pastor of the House of Rainbow church in Ojodu and the church with branches in Ojodu and Jakande Estate is basically for professed gay people. The Pasor has since fled abroad from where he runs his “ministry”.

Street Journal’s investigations revealed that there is a procedure used by wealthy barons to lure young men into homosexuality. The well established barons operate using the bait method. The sometimes unsuspecting target is lured with dazzling and often irresistible offers. Very few people have been known to turn down links that will eventually bring about mouth-watering contracts and money running into millions just to have sex with a rich man. That has been the beginning of the journey into homosexuality for many Nigerian young men.

For a weekend of sex in Abuja, Street Journal gathered that young men can earn themselves state of the art cars.

The practice of homosexuality has been found to have its hub in places like Kano, Kaduna, Lagos and Abuja. Interestingly, despite the presence of the Hisbah or Sharia police, Kano still has a flourishing gay market where homosexuals operate. The “Dan Daodu” as they are called in Hausa parlance are the male prostitutes who offer services to needing individuals. They use the cover of darkness to perpetrate their acts within the Sabon Gari axis. Men who want to get laid by other men are often seen around there haggling for the right price.

In Lagos too, there are some discreet gay joints around Allen Avenue and some places on the Island.

It was revealed to Street Journal that the North seems to have a higher population of homosexuals because many of the “big men” around today had been violated decades ago when they were just boys. Some of them also proceeded to same sex schools where they blossomed in the act.



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