N 21b Fraud: Police Declares Bukola Saraki Wanted!


. How He Tried To Hoodwink Nigerians With Non Existent Court Order

. Angry Nigerians Blast Him On Twitter!

Until Thursday, many Nigerians didn’t know that Senator Bukola Saraki had orchestrated a grand plot to evade being questioned by the Special Fraud Unit of the Nigeria Police Force. The former Kwara State Governor started sensing trouble when officers of the the Anti-Fraud unit arrested Mohammed Lai Alabi, the former MD of Intercontinental Bank.

On the surface, many would have wondered if there was any connection between the former MD, his job and Dr. Saraki. The events that preceded the takeover of the now defunct Intercontinental Bank Plc has however shown that Saraki has vested interest in the bank and might be one of the owners by proxy. Street Journal had broken the news then that Dr. Saraki, who was on the list of the bank’s debtors was surprisingly granted a waiver for debts that ran into billions of Naira.

A more surprising fact that also emerged was that the Bank was taken over by Access Bank, whose two Managing Directors, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede and Herbert Wigwe also had their names conspicuously inscribed on the debtor’s list.

Street Journal’s investigations revealed that Saraki’s interest in the bank dated back to Erastus Akingbola’s time as MD, hence his replacement with Mahmoud Lai Alabi who had been on Saraki’s payroll for years. Alabi was the Chairman of the Kwara State owned Songa Farms, a scheme under which Saraki brought in white farmers from Zimbabwe.

After Alabi’s arrest, an invitation was extended to Saraki to report at the SFU for questioning. On the Friday that he was expected, the police received a letter in which he (Saraki) stated that he would not be able to honour the invitation that day as he had to attend the burial of a close relation. Since then, Saraki has not shown up at the SFU office.


The Senator however approached a court with an ex-parte motion seeking to bar the police from infringing on his human rights. With his prayer still before the court, his aides made it look as if Senator Saraki had obtained an order restraining the police from arresting him. Even the police first believed until the bubble burst.


The Federal High Court in Abuja, from where the former Governor purportedly obtained the order made it known on Thursday that it never granted an interim injunction restraining the Inspector General of Police, his officers or agents from arresting the former governor of Kwara State, Senator Bukola Saraki, over his alleged involvement in an N11 billion loan scam for which he has been invited for questioning.

Justice Gladys Olotu who presided over the court fixed May 22 to hear a counter-affidavit the Police filed against Saraki.

After her refusal to grant Saraki’s request, the judge ordered Saraki’s counsel to serve the Police with a copy of the motion on notice attached to the court processes.

The judge said the rationale behind the order was to afford Police the oppurtunity to defend itself over its alleged plans to abridge the fundamental rights of the applicant.

Mr Femi Falana, who is representing the Police disclosed that  he has filed a counter affidavit to challenge the legal propriety of Saraki’s application in which the Police stated Dr. Saraki used his former office as the Executive Governor of Kwara State to influence the purchase of Joy Petroleum Ltd, Dicetrade Ltd and Likam Nig. Ltd. stocks by the Kwara State Ministry of Finance.


Meanwhile, Senator Saraki has come under fire on twitter, a social network on which he is very active. He stirred the hornets’ nest on Wednesday when he tweeted “I have respect for rule of law and all its organs within our democratic setting. However, we must decry the use of same organs to oppress and malign our constitutional rights”. That particular tweet has continued to generate responses both from those who follow him on the network and others. Some of the messages tweeted at Dr. Saraki appear below:


Adeolumide. Bukola Saraki can run but he cannot hide. Running to court won’t help you sir. Gospel According to Ibori.@bukolasaraki



OlusolaFunmi: @bukolasaraki God will ̸̨Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡ Ɣ☺ΰ’ through sir, I know this is politically motivated try ​Ãήϑ visit the NPF ​Ãήϑ explain urself


Oduwayeolusoji why don’t you go and answer the call if truly you are not involve in the scam but note that God is watching all of you Leaders


Akinakerele go show ur sef to d police. We know what yu did! Corrupt dealer


Kcudemezue  Go to UK and talk na. Becuz u de 9ja abii. God dey shaa


Dfolarin I have never wanted to comment on the issue,if u had honour the invitation of the NPF,it would hv been better


Hillbrow2000 say go and defend your self ,are you above the Law


2thpick4jeez if u respect the rule of law,you should have honoured the @NPF‘s invitation with regards to the bank fraud



Manye007  if u av respect for the rule of law… Oga answer d Police.


Tarime14 Governor, pls G̶̲̥̅Ơ͡ & answer your questions & stop setting bad examples ​  youths σ̲̅f̲̮̲̅͡ Nigeria


Uccaleb Pls,endeavour to keep cool wen invited for interrogation@bukolasaraki

HeeBoi Let’s plead wit @bukolasaraki text him on 08037751916 to visit @Policeng 2 xplain his role in IBPlc Loan scam. Thanks.


Iyapampam  Your “eggcellency” have you refused the invitation of the Nigerian Police Force because you are guilty of fraud?


Erealbrainz Ur status update here is a shameless talk, when we see u go to the police to answer the question you av abt the fraud. So go!


Seunfakze Mt Saraki would not answer you….let him live with his conscience for now


Deleneye can he just have a tweeterrogation? Since@bukolasaraki and @policeng are virtually available?


Rosanwo So Senator @bukolasaraki asked the court to determine if he can be questioned or not …


Ogundamisi Fatogun, your media assistant sought to mislead us by LYING that U got an injunction. Justice Gladys Olotu did not grant same


Nigerians are not stupid. If U are being victimised, we shall see it in open court, but avoiding investigation is deplorable.

Baamiajeigbe Senator,Kindly honor the invitation to appear b4 d Special Fraud Unit of the Nigerian Police force ,Ikoyi. It’s just a chat


@bukolasaraki met D Inspector General of Police, MD Abubakar at his Maitama residence to plead with D police chief to stop FRAUD charges


Ogundamisi: @bukolasaraki & his cronies blame ‘subsidy cabals’ for his fraud case, pls same subsidy cabal should come after me if I have a fraud case.


Nwah70: was your debt written off in controversial circumstances or not? So Erastus Akin. Wz right… very right, ask SLS his mission.


Yusufbabale @bukoolasaraki sir I heard that the police are seriously looking 4 u & u’v been jumping4rm 1 house 2 another, y not come out & defend urself.?


Nnjidda \@bukolasaraki is a very close friend of jailed Nigerian criminal, James Ibor. Saraki as Gov assisted Ibori in running away from justice.


Emperordee  I am massively disappointed with Sen @bukolasaraki. Why play hide&seek, your intergrity is at stake. Go clear it up


Ileowo4ever May be armed and dangerous! Contact your local police if u got info, do not attempt to apprehend WANTED @bukolasaraki


Ogundamisi is @bukolasaraki scared of the new police uniform???

in Yoruba we say ‘Oro o dun lenu ole’ so long as U mock Nigerian law. U are on same level as #BokoHaram Economic terrorism


bukolasaraki should come out from hiding.Presumption of innocence favours him”


ekekee : My dearest senator @bukolasaraki, good evening Sir. Please come out and prove your innocence. Remember you told me you were transparent.


Drwalls28; @ekekee:  Lol,he was just joking now! Its like a dog telling you it doesn’t bark or a goat that doesn’t bleat! They are all the same!


PrinceofSydney: “Alleged N20bn fraud: No order against police on Saraki – Judge.” *Kindly appear it is just a chat.

Rosanwo : Dear All, pls tweet at @bukolasaraki to let him know he is not above the law. He must assist with the N21 billion police investigation

Senator @bukolasaraki remains innocent of any crime until a court of competent jurisdiction says otherwise but avoiding investigation is bad



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